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League of Legends Aurora: Ability Breakdown Revealed

Champions 20-06-2024 17:00

Aurora is the newest League of Legends Champion. What can she do though, and what are her abilities? That's what we're going to look at right now. 

Aurora Concept 13
League of Legends: Aurora's abilities are pretty insane. | © Riot Games

Aurora is the newest League of Legends champion, and she is going to be a mid lane mage. She will be a mid game centered champion who loves scrappy fights. But what exactly do her abilities do and how difficult is she going to be? 

While we've taken a look at the best champions to pair with her, it's also time to look exactly at her kit and what she can do. Are you ready for this adorable new mid lane mage from the Freljord? 

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League of Legends: Aurora's Abilities Revealed

Let's quickly go over Aurora and her abilities. What can she do, and how should you play her? With a champion that has been in development as long as she has, it truly is a 200-year champion, right? Well, let's find out. 

Passive – Spirit Abjuration

Aurora Concept 2
Let's check out her abilites! | © Riot Games
  • If Aurora damages an enemy 3 times with her spells and attacks she will deal magic damage, exorcise a spirit from the enemy, and enter Spirit Mode for a few seconds. 
  • Aurora gains movement speed while in Spirit Mode. 
  • Spirits following Aurora grant her additional movement speed and heal her over the duration. 

Her passive gives her more movement speed, which lets be real she's a bunny and those are known to go fast, so it works with her Vastaya fantasy well. While it does stack, it isn't something that is going to be super key to her gameplay like with Smolder who is looking to stack all the time. 

Q – Twofold Hex

  • Cast: Fire a blast of cursed energy in a direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and marking them with spirit energy. 
  • Recast: End the curse, drawing back the spirit energy to herself, dealing magic damage to enemies passed through. Damage is increased by missing HP. 

This ability is similar to Xayah's feathers. If enemies are hit with her Q, then the more often they're hit with the curse, then the more damage they take. This means players will want to try to hit enemies as often with the Q and the pull back to get the most out of the ability. 

W – Across the Veil

  • Hop in a direction. Upon landing, enter the spirit realm, briefly becoming Invisible and entering Spirit Mode for several seconds. 
  • Takedowns on enemy champions reset the cooldown of this ability. 
Aurora Concept 14
Will you be playing Aurora when she releases? | © Riot Games

This is her primary outplay tool, with which players can find creative ways to outmaneuver enemies and to position herself for the ultimate damage blast. This is especially useful when wanting to find a good angle for her Q2 pull-back. 

E – The Weirding

  • Cast: Send out a blast of spirit magic dealing magic damage in an area and slowing them. 
  • Aurora will hop backwards slightly on cast. 

This is a very straightforward ability that creates an AoE on the ground. This ability is interesting when paired with her ultimate and can create some pretty unique situations for enemies. 

R – Between Worlds

  • Cast: Hop forward and, upon landing, send out a pulse of spirit energy that deals magic damage and slows enemies. 
  • Aurora leaps in a direction of her choosing, releasing a shockwave that damages and slows any enemies it hits. Afterward, she creates an area that traps enemies within it and allows Aurora to teleport from one side of the area to the other.
  • Recast: Dismiss the zone early

Aurora is able to bounce from side to side within the Spirit Realm circle, making it quite a unique CC ability where she has all the power, while her opponents are trapped. Players can utilize the ultimate and the bouncing between sides for unique E and Q placements, trying to get the most out of her abilities. 

Is Aurora Difficult To Play? 

Aurora Splash Art
How difficult do you think she will be? | © Riot Games

Aurora is a unique and fun champion, and she does create a fun new way to play League of Legends, especially with how her abilities make her hop and skip. This adds to her bunny fantasy, but does this make her difficult to play? 

Aurora is not going to be simple and easy like Milio was, but she is also not going to be on the same level as Hwei either. Overall, she is going to be a simple to learn but hard to master champion. Things like her W and ultimate could throw off players in the beginning and will likely lead to some impressive throws. 

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