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League of Legends: Aurora – Who To Play With The Newest Champion

Champions 20-06-2024 17:00

Aurora is the newest champion in League of Legends. She will be a mid lane skirmishing mage, but who should you pair with the champion? 

Aurora Concept 2
League of Legends: Aurora is so cool. | © Riot Games

Aurora is going to be a brand-new champion in League of Legends who should be playable in both mid lane and top lane. She is a skirmisher, who enjoys short scrappy fights. She is quite an interesting and unique new champion, who will be defying expectations on the rift. 

She is a champion who will spike in the mid game and fall off in the later stages of the game, but you should definitely give her a chance. We've had enough infinite scaling champions with Smolder, right? So, who should your best jungle buddy be when you pick Aurora in your first few games? 

League of Legends: Which Champions To Pay With Aurora

Aurora is going to be a burst oriented skirmishing mage who is most comfortable in the mid lane. While she does have a stacking passive, it isn't meant to play as big of a role as with other champions – looking at you Smolder – so she does fall off in the late game, making her a mid game oriented champion

Aurora Concept 14
Who would you pair with her? | © Riot Games

Aurora's kit also doesn't include too much Crowd Control, which is why a champion with some CC in their kit could work perfectly alongside her. So, who would be a great champion? 

If you have a champion like Camille on the team it would perfectly balance out Aurora who might suffer in the late game. Camille can also utilize her ultimate to hold enemies in place, giving Aurora time to use her abilities to burst enemies down. 

In the jungle you can also pair wombo combo champions like Amumu or Wukong with her, since they've got some AoE in their kit as well as CC which will once again balance out Aurora's few shortcomings. 

Harrowing Amumu
Has Amumu found a friend in Aurora? | © Riot Games

So, for the ultimate team comp, you can pair Aurora with Malphite and Amumu in lower elos, while higher elo players might look more towards Camille and Wukong to truly pop off. Aurora is going to be the main damage dealer, while the others are there to support her and get her going. 

Aurora is going to bring a whole new flavor to Summoner's Rift thanks to her unique kit, so are you going to give her a chance when she finally releases? 

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