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Aurora influenced other Champs

League of Legends: How Aurora Influenced The Concept Design Of Popular Champions

News 20-06-2024 17:00

The new League of Legends champion Aurora went through many ups and downs during her development. Over time, her traits and abilities influenced other champions, significantly shaping the design of these characters.

Aurora Splash Art
Aurora had a significant impact on the design of several champions. | © Riot Games

The new League of Legends champion, Aurora, underwent a development period spanning over six years. During this time, she played a key role in inspiring the creation of other exciting champions and even contributed to the expansion of an entire event.

However, this process had a significant downside. Aurora had to give up much of her original character form to other champions, as her abilities and traits fit them better. So let's take a look at which champions benefited from Aurora.

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League of Legends: Aurora Created Characters

Aurora is a unique champion with an incredible lore and promising abilities. However, the problem was that her traits and abilities didn't quite align with her character. As her concept evolved over the years, elements of her design found new life in different champions, influencing their creation and shaping their stories.

Aurora League of Legends champion
Aurora looks absolutely fabulous! | © Riot Games

Sylas – The Unshackled

Aurora was initially developed as a pure mage with the ability to instantly learn magic, a concept reminiscent of certain champions. However, her unique twist was the ability to copy and steal spells, much like Sylas' ultimate ability, 'Hijack'.

During the testing phase of Aurora's magic-stealing ability, many felt that this skill didn't align with her personality. This led to the creation of Sylas – and let's be honest, it suits Sylas perfectly!

Empowered by his newfound ability to steal spells, he aims to overthrow the regimes in Demacia, which once sought to imprison all mages, leading a revolution against them. And all of this originates from the stolen ability that drew inspiration from Aurora.

Lillia – The Bashful Bloom

Aurora has not only inspired other champions with her unique abilities but also through her affinity for the spirit world and her gentle, healing nature. These aspects are evident in the champion introduced to the League of Legends universe in 2020. Lillia became a magical faun who wanders the forests, connected to the dreams and spirits of creatures.

Spirit Blossom Lillia
The spirit of Aurora likely slumbers within many champions. | © Riot Games

Through Aurora, Lillia adopted her playful and nurturing elements, as well as her shy and compassionate demeanor. Even in her abilities, one can see clear origins from Aurora. Much like Sylas, Lillia's ultimate ability was inspired by Aurora's original concept. By casting them into slumber, Lillia brings the connection to the dream and spirit world into gameplay.

Yone – The Unforgotten

Aurora's connection to the spirit realm left its mark on Yone as well. Initially conceived as an explorer of the spirit world with a deep connection to a deeper, mystical narrative in Runeterra, Aurora's concept was a huge inspiration for Yone.

Yone was inspired by this foundational idea and expanded upon it through his backstory with Yasuo. This allowed him to return from the afterlife and establish a connection to the spirit realm, further enhancing the mystical and spiritual elements originally conceived in Aurora.

Yone 0
Yone was another champion who was inpsired by Aurora. | © Riot Games

Therefore, we also see strong connections in his abilities. His spirit form and ultimate both demonstrate the link between life and death, as well as his connection to the spirit realm. This influence stems from Aurora, a champion who introduced a new dimension to Runeterra.

Even though we'll never get to know Aurora in her original form, a part of her accompanies us through other champions. The Spirit Blossom event has also been significantly shaped, and possibly even inspired, by her connection to the spirit realm. It's astounding how a single champion can influence and co-design so many others.

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