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Neeko and friends!

League of Legends Devs Update Players on Mid-Scope Champions

Champions 17-03-2023 16:00
Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko
LoL: Neeko and who else will get a Mid-Scope Update? | © Riot Games

Neeko is getting a Mid-Scope Update, that's been known for a while, but in a, now deleted, dev blog update on social media, we got to find out about more LoL champions that Riot is currently working on for Mid-Scope Updates. 

Riot accidentally released their dev vlog a bit early, with the video quickly getting taken down after it was released. Thankfully we've got Reddit, where one player re-uploaded the video, so fans can know about all the details regarding champions and system updates. 

LoL: Finished Yuumi MSU Gives Space For New Champs

Now that Yuumi is out of the way, with her having taken the champions team highest priority, it's time to move onto other champions. Yuumi has been an issue due to her strength across all skill levels in League of Leends, but with the most recent changes, Riot hope to have fixed the problem, though most fans don't believe it's been fixed. 

Riot gave an updated list of multiple League of Legends champions that they will focus on and who will be receiving mid-scope updates in the coming months. 

Three LoL Champions Getting Mid-Scopes Revealed

1. Rell 

Rell has been a champion that Riot, and the player base, seem to have forgotten. She's good in certain situations, but feels extremely underwhelming to play, especially when you've got other champions doing similar things and those just... better. So, she will be getting a Mid-Scope Update. 

Meddler revealed in the dev vlog that the team is working on fulfilling her mounter knight lancer fantasy that she is supposed to portray. Will this mid-scope update do that and finally put Rell on the map? 

2. Neeko 

In the dev vlog, Meddler also mentioned Neeko, the one Mid-Scope Update everyone has been waiting for. While we didn't get much information, it seems that thanks to Yuumi's MSU finally being more or less complete, Riot can finally continue to work on Neeko's brand-new passive. 

She will be able to turn into more than just champions on Summoner's Rift, something that has the whole community excited and wanting to get their hands on this champion, so for the team to finally be able to work full force on her kit is great news and could mean that we will receive the update very soon. 

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3. Ivern

Now a new champion on the list was Ivern. Ivern has some gameplay issues as well, being a unique jungler unlike any other thanks to his passive, but it seems that Riot is going to focus on his ultimate and Daisy for his Mid-Scope Update. Meddler said that they want to make some usability changes to her. 

 Some fans have speculated whether that will mean that Daisy will work more like Tibbers. There are multiple options of what Riot can do but it will hopefully give the gentle jungler some more popularity on Summoner's Rift since his concept is unique and pretty cool. 

Overall, that's all the informtion we've received from Riot regarding any upcoming Mid-Scope Updates. There are quite a few champions receiving love from Riot and we hope other champions that are in need of an update will be added to the list later on. 

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