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League of Legends Free Champion Rotation: These Champions Are Currently Free To Play!

Champions 17-10-2023 20:33

Every now and then, Riot reveals a new rotation of champions that are currently free to play in League of Legends. Looking for a new champion to play? This is your chance!

Who needs a map to know the new free rotation?|©Riot Games

Getting a new champion in League of Legends can be difficult. You need a lot of Blue Essence to purchase new champions, and the exciting ones are always expensive! Riot, please let me play this pretty girl called Kai'Sa already!

Fortunately though, you don't need to wait for an eternity until you can purchase them or throw precious RP at the champion shop: the free champion rotation in League of Legends lets you play any champion for a week at a time!

In every rotation, Riot unlocks roughly 10% of all available champions for everyone to try out. Every Tuesday, this rotation shifts to a different champion pool. This makes League of Legends just a little more exciting for every new player!

The free champion rotation is available from level 11 onwards. It is also not available in any Ranked queue, so if you want to play a champion from the free rotation in your Ranked games, you will have to purchase them first.

LoL Free Champion Rotation: These Champions Are Free To Play Until October 24

I G Rakan
Rakan is one of the most fun supports to play |©Riot Games

These champions are free to play until the new rotation arrives on Tuesday, October 24:

Top Lane   Cho'Gath
Lee Sin
Nunu & Willump

Mid Lane


Bot LaneEzreal


Note: Champions with multiple viable positions are sorted by most played position in recent patches.

Once again, Riot is letting you try out some simple and easy-to-learn champions and also some exciting but mechanically demanding champions. Feel free to play all of them!

LoL Free Champion Rotation: You Should Try Out These Champions!

Divine Sword Irelia
Irelia can be the perfect pick for you, if you are a mechanically talented player |©Riot Games

If you want to add a stable top laner to your pool, Ornn is the forge-god for you. The champ is sitting at 53% win rate right now and is thus one of the best Top Laners in the game right now. He does have a very strong laning phase, but falls off hard in the mid game. When you can craft your allies better, your win rate spikes again massively. 

Ornn can really bring you that much needed CC to win your games.

In the jungle, you should definitely try Udyr. He is pretty easy to pick up and also, there is never enough tanks. Especially in SoloQ, where everyone just picks Low CC and High Damage, Udyr can be the key for your team to victory. And you can also be pretty flexible with him, because you can build either AP or AD.

Looking for a hyperscaling carry? Our mid lane pick has got you covered. Kassadin is easy to pick up, but really hard to master. While you have a weak laning phase, you can just sit through it with the buff to Doran's Shield. After you got your Crown, you can look for roams and get some easy kills bot lane to just snowball out of control. He's sitting at the highest WR in the Mid Lane right now with roughly 54%.

Further down the map, our recommended bot lane pick is Ezreal. He has a great mid game and is a great pick for anyone who wants to try out the bot lane role. Sure he isn't your usual marksmen, but he's got great mobility with which you can evade enemies with ease – or you can just arcane shift forward if that's more your jam. Honestly, in the bot lane he is the best choice you can make this week. 

Last but not least, the support position will also feature some free champions. Who should you pair with Ezreal? Heimerdinger is a great choice. He can set up his turrets and zone out enemies with them without having to do a thing. Just know where to place those towers and you're good to go. He's also got a stun that can come in quite handy. 

If you want more projectiles that deal damage without you doing anything then you can also add Zyra to your support list this week. She's almost as good as Heimerdinger, so you can definitely take her as well. 

These are all the champions currently available to play for free on League of Legends. Check back next Tuesday to learn about the new free champion rotation!

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