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LoL: New Lunar Revel Event Reveals Upcoming Legendary Skin

News 05-02-2024 15:11

We havent gotten a skin trailer in a while, and even the leakers have not announced anything new. Well, who else than Riot Games have revealed their own next legendary skin.

Aurelion Sol 0
Aurelion Sol is getting the newest legendary skin. | © Riot Games

Riot Games has given us the new support page for the Lunar Revel Event. On this page we can see what we can buy from the new Token Shop in the Heavenscale event starting on the 7 February. But we have also seen some more information.

LoL: New Skins Revealed 

Porcelain Kindred
Prestige Porcelain Kindred!? | © Riot Games

Riot made a new support page where you can find out everything you need to know about the Heavenscale Lunar New Year Event coming soon. You can already check out the new bundles and prices and even the missions for the pass. But you can also see some new stuff that we didn't know about earlier. 

The Heavenscale skins will release on the 7 February. But on the 22 February, we are apparently also getting some new Porcelain skins. We haven't gotten any of these since 2022!

 According to the Website, we are getting a skin for:

  • Aurelion Sol - Legendary
  • Graves
  • Darius
  • Irelia
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
Porcelain Lissandra
Make sure you grab the Chroma this time around. | © Riot Games

Apparently Kindred is getting a Prestige skin as well, and you can pick up the sweet Golden Tiger Chromas for Lissandra, Lux, Amumu and Kindred if you missed out in 2022!

I'm really excited to see what they do with Aurelion Sol. He is a really cool champion, and I'm sure they will make him look incredible. Add in the new animations from his Comprehensive Gameplay Update and ASol will give true endboss vibes with a skin like Porcelain.

We don't know what these skins look like yet, but we expect the skin video to drop in the coming days.

Are you excited?

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