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League of Legends: Smolder Has The Worst Win Rate Of Any Champion, But Are We Even Surprised?

News 02-02-2024 15:37

New Champions always take a while for people to get used to them. 

Smolder splash art
Smolder is the current newest Champion. | © Riot Games

Smolder just came out and people obviously still dont know how to play him. He is currently sporting a clean 40.3% win rate, but are we really surprised about this?

This has always been the same with every new champion Riot Games releases. They either start out with a 40% or 70% win rate. Since the latter is really bad for the game, Riot has tried to make their champions a bit more balanced on release, with the option to hotfix buff them later.

LoL: Is Smolder Actually Weak?

Heavenscale Smolder
Smolder is also part of the Heavenscale event. | © Riot Games

Where are those hotfix buffs? 40% win rate makes him look terribly weak and in need of some compensation, but in actuality the champion is not bad. He has a very special kit that works like an ADC but also a spell caster. This made people experiment with his build. 

Obviously, when a lot of players then build weird items, the champion will not perform optimally. A few Pro Players like Jackspektra have posted on Twitter/X what build they would recommend. 

He also stated that Smolder has a very weak early game but scales incredibly well. Most players with no experience on a new champion that is also weak in the early will drive that win rate down because they don't know their win conditions and how to transition into a strong late game safely. 

I'd say just give it some time and let the people work out how Smolder works. If you want to know more about Smolder make sure to check out our article on his abilities and kit.

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