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Pls nerf this Riot

League of Legends Players Are Sick And Tired Of This Champion

Champions 27-03-2023 16:55

Some champions seem to always be a part of any pro meta, meaning viewers and fans of professional League of Legends will have to watch – and accept – that these champions are always going to be part of the game.

Ocean Song Ashe and Zeri
League of Legends: Some champions are just too good in any meta. | © Riot Games

Throughout all of 2022 there was one specific champion that dominated from the moment she was released and that was none other than Zeri. Fans have had enough of her though and want her out of pro play for the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational. 


League of Legends: Players Frustrated With Zeri In Pro Meta

There are some League of Legends champions that Riot is forced to keep weak in solo queue due to the pressure of the professional scene. The moment Ryze or Azir receive a single buff, they'll be a part of any pro composition once more. It seems like we've found the ADC equivalent of them. 

In 2022 Riot released Zeri, a brand new, high paced and very safe bot lane pick who took over the ADC position. Over a year has passed and she hasn't lost an ounce of relevance in the pro scene yet. The only time we didn't see her was during the 2022 World Championship, because Riot nerfed her to hell and back to keep her out of the meta. 

Zeri and Lulu (or Yuumi if you will) versus Lucian and Nami... those are the go-to professional bot lanes and it is boring players. One Redditor stated that they hope Zeri received nerfs ahead of the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, since they're sick and tired of seeing her in professional play, a sentiment, many fans echoed. 

Zeri is a very safe pick, thanks to her dash over walls, meaning she can play aggressively, then escape any gank with her one ability. She might not have the range other ADC's have, but she's got more mobility than most and insane scaling potential for late game fights.

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Most players are annoyed by how safe she is in the early stages of the game, which is when she is supposed to be at her weakest, making it feel like you can never truly punish the champion, hence why she is so good and popular in pro play. 

Whether Riot will make some changes ahead of the tournament is yet to be decided. MSI will likely either be played on Patch 13.7 or 13.8, so when either of those patches get released we will know more about the champion nerfs. But fingers crossed Zeri is on there! 

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