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League of Legends: Underlying Issue For Frame Rate Drops Found

More 27-03-2023 16:30
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League of Legends: This could be the reason why you get random FPS Drops. | © Riot Games

Players have notified Riot of random Frame Rate drops for a while now in League of Legends. Not too long ago, it was announced that Riot was looking into the issue, but needed help from the community to do so. Now, it seems they might have found the underlying cause. 

Playing LoL you don't want to randomly drop down to 5 FPS per second, something which has been happening in some games for players, but in a recent Reddit post, the issue might have been revealed. 

League of Legends: Riot Outlined Possible Source of FPS Drops

Back in October 2022, Riot Tony went on Reddit, asking the community for help with a specific frame rate drop issue that had been plaguing the game for a while. This was an issue the team wasn't able to recreate on their system, so they asked for players who experienced random FPS drops for some information. 

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Months later, we finally receive an update on what could be a cause for the issue. 

On March 24, 2023, Riot Tony went back on Reddit explaining that the problem could be related to mice with high frame rate, as well as shader settings and frame capping could be the cause of the FPS drops in League. 

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[...] we've recently discovered that mice with very high update frequencies can actually cause the game to slow down. Not sure why yet, but at the moment there is no benefit in having a mouse which updates faster than your frame rate, so dial it back and you'll get better performance. 

He also added that "shaders should all be precompiled" and that what some players might be seeing is files being loaded mid-game which is something that shouldn't be happening, yet sometimes slips through. 

Frame capping is another issue he mentioned, and the team is working on fixing this with an update, though there is no exact timeline of when they are going to be updating this. 

This is good news and shows that the team is taking players concerns serious, working on a way to fix the issue. 

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