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I mean, who else just yells "zoomies" while running?

LoL: 5 Reasons To Main Blitzcrank

Champions 09-09-2023 11:00

Blitzcrank doesn't get the love that they deserve in LoL, and it's high time we change that. This support champ is incredible, and here are just 5 reasons why you should main Blitzcrank.

Blitzcrank Space Groove Skin
LoL: How could you not main Blitzcrank with this absolutely adorable skin? | © Riot Games

Blitzcrank is a great champ to main, especially in lower Elo. They're a perfect support champ to test out if you like to play a more engaging support that can deal a nice bit of damage. 

Honestly, there are just so many reasons why Blitzcrank is such a fun and viable champ to play currently in LoL, so without further ado, let's get into 5 reasons why Blitzcrank is such a great champ!

LoL: Why You Should Main Blitzcrank 

Obviously there's just too many reasons why you should main Blitzcrank (can you tell that I'm a bit biased, because I can) so we've summed up the 5 most important points for you guys here!

1. Incredible Engage Potential

Blitzcrank no skin
Just hook your opponents into a great fight! | © Riot Games

Blitzcrank's hook (aka their Q) can just yoink an enemy champ from where they were standing, which can put your opponents in a less optimal situation. Since most players in lower Elo haven't figured out how proper placement works, you should have plenty of opportunities to land a solid hook.

Especially once you've unlocked Blitzcrank's E, their Powerfist, as well and use it right after your Q, you'll have the ultimate combo to pull your opponent right out of their comfort zone and unload a bunch of auto-attacks while they're knocked up in the air, as well as your ADC's abilities onto the enemy champ at once.

2. Zoomies!

Lol goalkeeper blitzcrank
Blitzcrank definitely always has their eyes on the prize! | © Riot Games

Ok, ok, so apparently Blitzcrank only says "zoomies!" if they're wearing their Space Groove skin (which I can highly recommend getting), but it's just so dang cute. Literally, just listen to their audio clips and tell me that that isn't just adorable! I dare you. 

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Either way, no matter which Blitzcrank skin you choose to use, Blitzcrank's is a great ability that can help you dash towards an enemy champ if they were just out of your hook range, or if your opponents tried flashing away, just press W and zoom on over to where they're running and grab them! 

Or, if your teammates are already in the middle of a fight, use Blitzcrank's Overdrive to quickly dash to your team and help to single out an enemy champ from the group to annihilate them!

3. Great Gank Support

Halloween Blitzcrank
Even as an evil pumpkin, they just look adorable. | © Riot Games

Well, while my previous points were great for Blitzcrank on Bot lane, an important point to note is that Blitzcrank can also be great to roam and gank with. 

Using Blitzcrank's skills from before, you can sneak around the map in an opportune moment, especially during the early stages of the game, and hide in the bushes, waiting for your opponent to come near. Either they come close enough by themselves, or you can dash forward with your W, grab the enemy champ with your Q and destroy them together with your teammate! Get rekt guys.

Plus, since Blitzcrank is more on the tanky side, they can easily take a couple hits from the enemy champ to distract them, while your teammate seals the deal.

4. Can And Will Punish Aggressive Enemies

Victorious Blitzcrank
Blitzcrank will reign victorious! Get it? | © Riot Games

Sometimes even Blitzcrank can be put in tougher situations, but few that they can't come out of victorious! Everyone has had games where your opponents are just playing so darn aggressive, and you feel like you can barely do anything against them. Well, here's where Blitzcrank's Q comes into play again. 

Once your opponents feel too comfortable and start playing too aggressively and become careless enough, find the right moment and yoink them under your tower! Add in a nice little E and the enemy champ will have probably learned their lesson and will start playing less aggressively. If they haven't learned yet: rinse and repeat. 

If you like to play just a little bit toxic add in your taunt every once in a while, I've heard it's an especially good idea to use when you've missed your Q, to give your enemies a nice dose of a robotic "HA. HA. HA." . Good times.

5. They Have Great Skins

Definitely Not Blitzcrank Big Splashart
Nope, I guess this is definitely not a Blitzcrank skin. | © Riot Games

Blitzcrank may not have the most skins in LoL, but they do have quite a bit of variety to offer. If you take a look for yourself, there should be a skin for everyone's tastes. You might think that a clunky robot might get boring design-wise after a while, but Blitzcrank's skins tell a completely different story.

My personal favorites would have to be Space Groove Blitz & Crank and Definitely Not Blitzcrank. The many additional voice lines and animations that Blitzcrank has with their Space Groove skin are just chef's kiss

I mean, how can you go wrong with cats in a robot suit? You can't and Space Groove Blitz & Crank proves it together with disco-dancing-fun elements. Genius!

Blitzcrank can take some time to get the hang of, since you need to learn how far the hook distance is in order to test your limits, but once you get the hang of it, each match can be so much fun! 

Pulling your teammates into a fight that they weren't expecting thanks to a perfectly landed hook by yourself can just be the cherry on top. 

I live for the chaos.

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