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League of Legends: Can You Skip The Tutorial?

Guides 04-09-2023 16:31
Can you skip the LoL tutorial? | © Riot Games

Skipping the League of Legends tutorial might be a bad idea for new players. However, sometimes experienced players want to have a fresh start with a new account, and for them, the tutorial is pretty much a waste of time. Is it possible for these players to skip the tutorial if they want to? Let's check out.

League of Legends is crowded with smurf accounts and generally experienced players needing a new start. Whether it is not wanting to pay for moving your account to another region or even being permabanned (what did you do?) from your old account, playing through the LoL tutorial can feel like a waste of time, but do you really have to do it? 

Can You Skip the LoL Tutorial? 

At this moment, you cannot skip the tutorial in League of Legends. I am sorry to break it to all the veteran players out there who do not want to spend a second doing anything else than grinding the game. League forces every new account to play through the tutorial.

It is not possible to skip the League of Legends tutorial | © Riot Games

Riot made the tutorial mandatory in order to deter inexperienced players from playing the game without any knowledge of how it is played. 

We do think this is pretty understandable, considering many new players feel like the League of Legends learning curve is very steep

At this moment, there are ways to skip the whole tutorial by installing some third-party programs, but at this point, we recommend you to just play through the entire thing, considering it will be faster and safer to do so. 

Using third-party programs in your account is never a good idea and can result in you getting your account, or even your IP, banned because of cheating. 

There have been cases where players have accidentally skipped the tutorial. So if you really want to skip, you could try to force quit the game when it is loading up the tutorial. 

Why Should You Play Through the Tutorial? 

We all wish that Riot implemented a button allowing veteran players to skip the whole tutorial, but since that isn't possible, let us at least soften the blow with some positive aspects regarding doing the tutorial.

First, if you are experienced in the game, you will realize how little time it actually takes to play through all three steps in the tutorial. 

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As mentioned earlier, we believe that installing illegal third-party programs and risking getting banned will take longer than just playing through all the necessary steps in the tutorial. 

When finishing the tutorial, you will also be rewarded with free champions and gain Experience Points faster so that you will level up in no time. 

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