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LoL Patch 14.3: Are The Yorick Changes Enough?

Champions 03-02-2024 10:00

Yorick has always struggled in League of Legends. Be it raw strength or just general appeal, the champion is in the lower levels. In 14.3 Riot is changing him quite a bit but will that be enough?

Undertaker Yorick
LoL Patch 14.3: Yorick is one of the more forgotten champions. | © Riot Games

Yorick is a pretty forgotten champion. His play rate has always been one of the lowest in the game. But that didnt stop players from making him work. Yorick is known for his split pushing capabilities, but always felt kind of lack luster in lane. Some Yorick mains figured out strategies to circumvent these weaknesses, but Riot still thinks this isnt enough. They are going to buff him in Patch 14.3.

LoL Patch 14.3: Will Yorick Be Good With The Changes?

Spirit blossom yorick
Yorick Mori. | © Riot Games

What is Riot Games even buffing? Well firstly, the E just gets a few quality of life changes. It's a visual change and a bit of cast time reduction. This won't change a lot about his strength but will make him more enjoyable to play. 

His Q will now be cheaper and heal him a bit more when trading with champions. This is also mostly a quality of life change, as this heal was terrible before and is better now. 4-8% missing health buff is actually not bad and very noticeable in the lane.

Yorick's most important change and the one that will impact him the most is the maiden change. Maiden can mark an enemy and lets Yorick deal an extra 3/6/9% max health damage. This had a 2-second cooldown before but will not have a cooldown at all after the buffs. The Mark damage will be reduced to 2/3/4% max health damage. 

This is an insane change and will allow Yorick to dominate isolated 1 vs. 1's. This also works on Objectives and makes them way easier to clear. 

Yorick's mains are not unhappy with this change. Most of them are currently buying Lethality Items and playing the lane extra safe, but these changes could make Triforce Bruiser Yorick an actual champion again. 

So, Is Yorick Good Now?

Arclight Yorick splash HD
This Yorick Skin has the best Ult Music. | © Riot Games

Short Answer: No. Long Answer: He is already decent enough to work. You just aren't playing him right. Lethality Yorick or even a new Bruiser Yorick are not bad champions. He has other weaknesses such as his reliance on side laning and his lack of dashes that hold him back, and even these buffs will not change these issues. But Yorick is definitely not a terrible champion and with some time and practice he can work very well. 

It's going to be very interesting to see how these Maiden changes actually play out because allowing Yorick to solo Rift Herald really fast might not be a good idea.

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