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TSM Downfall: All Hope For Future Esports Endeavours Dwindle

News 30-01-2024 16:02

TSM was once a giant in the esports scene. Dominating the League of Legends North American scene and being a huge organization in general.After terrible mismanagement with their sponsors, it seems that the team has finally taken it;s last breath. So, what happened?

TSM used to be the biggest org in NA. | © Riot Games

Team Solo Mid was once the greatest esports organization in North America. After getting sponsored by FTX – we love crypto! – and the drama surrounding FTX, they lost a lot of money. 

Combined this with the issues of owner Reginald and it's looking pretty grim. The one stable thing that TSM had was their social media manager, dunc. He had worked for TSM for at least 5 years and was one of the best social media managers in the scene. 

Now dunc has been fired. And he revealed that TSM only has 8 working employees left. Is TSM done?

TSM Is Nearing Its End

Dunc has been fired on his 5th anniversary of working at Team Solo Mid. In a way he was their backbone because even though he had his fair share of mistakes he always managed to turn it around. He certainly was one of the best social media managers in the esports scene.

TSM went through a lot of drama. First, they got sponsored by FTX, which was a crypto trading platform that went bankrupt because of a corrupt leader. This meant a huge loss of money for TSM. It didn't help that right when things seemed to turn around, Pro Player Doublelift spoke out about the orgs CEO TSM Reginald

There were huge discussions about Reginald being verbally abusive to staff and players, and a lot of back and forth between them. In the end, TSM's image was ruined. The League of Legends team was also not performing well, getting no further than 5th Place in their last 2 years of operation.

TSM LoL sold their slot to Shopify Rebellion at the end of 2023. The org was bleeding money so they got rid of almost all their player’s League was done. Dota 2 was done. Rainbow 6 Siege was done. Currently, it looks like they are still employing an Apex Legends Team, a CSGO Team a Rocket League Team and the Smash Star Leffen.

The future definitely looks grim for TSM in the esport. The amount of employees left doesn't look like it will be enough to sustain a whole team let alone multiple teams across different franchises, but only time can tell what TSM will be able to do.

It sure doesn't make TSM look any better that their social media manager was a contractor for 5 years. He also claims that his slack/email were cut instantly, and he is getting no redundancy and severance. 

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