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LoL: Best Items For Riven In Season 2024

Champions 09-01-2024 17:39

With mythics being removed and Brutalizer coming back, there might be a lot of confusion about what you should build on the exiled blade. We have dug deep into the new season already to make your ranked climb as smooth as possible.

Riven vs Sion
Season 14 changes all the items.

Mythics are being removed, and we are getting the legendary item system back. An old Riven classic is also returning, but might not be as good as the old Riven mains remember. We will help you figure out what items are good on Riven in Season 14.

LoL: Best Riven Items In S14

With Goredrinker and Duskblade being removed, the only ex-mythic choice would be Eclipse. Most of her old core items like Hydra, Cleaver, Eclipse and Seryldas Grudge have been changed. But there were also new items introduced, so lets see what you should build on Riven in Season 14.


Brutalizer is back. Old season Riven mains definitely remember this item as it was the first purchase in every single game. It built into most of her great items back then, but sadly that isn't the case anymore. Of course, you can still buy it, but there might be better options out there nowadays.

Ravenous Hydra

Ravenous Hydra got its active back. It gives 70 AD, 20 Ability Haste and 10% Lifesteal making it a staple in every Riven build. The active is great for wave clearing and to weave it into combos.

Spear of Shojin

Shojin changed quite a bit over the years. Its new passive will be a stacking spell damage increase, which is absolutely insane for Riven. The fact that she gets 15 Ability Haste on every non-ult ability makes it even better. It's basically a must-buy every game now.

Lol championship riven skin
Anybody else hyped for Primal Ambush Riven? | © Riot Games

Sundered Sky

Sundered Sky is basically a mix of Divine Sunderer and Stormrazor. Its passive gives you a little heal whenever you attack a champion, with an 6-second cooldown. This cooldown is champion specific, so you can proc it 5 times in team fights. The build path is not that great with tunneler being a new phage, but the finished item is definitely fantastic. 


The extra damage and little shield procs adds a lot to your trading and skirmishing potential. Absolutely an excellent item in Season 14.

Voltaic Cyclosword

The first item on the list that builds out of The Brutalizer. This item is incredible for an assassin Riven play style. It enhances the first autoattack and slows the enemies, giving you a lot more sticking power.

Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver got changed a little bit and now builds out of a Phage instead of a Warhammer, which makes the item relatively inefficient to build. The finished item is obviously still good, but you will be very weak with only the components.

Okay/Situational Items For Riven

Profane Hydra

It's basically a Lethality Hydra, which is fine if you REALLY need to assassinate a target, but usually the life steal is better so you want to build Ravenous Hydra over this in most cases.


This new assassin item has a very interesting concept, as it spawns statues of yourself whenever you get a kill. If you then get a takedown, you get 10 attack damage plus 1 per statue for 60 seconds. This item is okay on assassin riven, but generally there are better options for a first item.

Valiant Sword Riven
The season of theorycrafting is upon us. | © Riot Games

Seryldas Grudge

Grudge is a Lethality Item and an Anti Tank item now, so it cannot be bought if you already have Black Cleaver. The slow effect also only works when the target is below 50% hp, so I would just always prefer Black Cleaver over this.

Axiom Arc

Axiom Arc gets built out of a Caufields Warhammer and the beloved Brutalizer. The Stats of the item are amazing, but sadly the passive just isn't worth it on Riven. 

Youmus Ghostblade

On old Lethality Riven Youmus was a great first choice versus squishy targets as you were able to hunt them down without investing too much gold into Cooldown Reduction over Damage. This item might be good for the same reasons but in general it's better to get some Ability Haste.

Full Riven Build In Season 2024

Broken Covenant Riven
No more Divine Sunderer! Yippie! | © Riot Games

In general, you will always rush Ravenous Hydra first. The wave clear allows you to roam and get reset timers, and the life steal and ability haste are great for trading. 

The second item can either be Spear of Shojin, Sundered Sky, Eclipse or Black Cleaver if you need to deal with a lot of armor like Malphite for example. Any of these items are also a fine choice for your third item. If you are looking for lethality options, Voltaic Cyclosword is probably your best choice.

As for defensive items, you can still build Maw of Malmortius, Death's Dance or Guardian Angel. Your Boot Choice will always be Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

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