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LoL: Sneak Peek On Skins For First Half Of Season 14

News 08-01-2024 16:46

The League of Legends Season Start Dev Vlog spilled the beans on a list of upcoming skins, and guess what? Your favorite champion might just be next in line for a stylish makeover! 

Updated Porcelain Ezreal Splash
LoL: Ezreal is getting two new skin soon! | © Riot Games

Get ready for a skins extravaganza, League fans! Riot's spilling the tea on the champions set to shine in the upcoming season, and for the fifteenth anniversary of League, they've got some seriously cool stuff in the pipeline. Popular champions are making a comeback, and the skins team is set to deliver some top-notch designs.

But that's not all – the prestige skin lineup is dropping, and you'll want to know which champions are getting the royal treatment in the first half of the year. It's time to start saving up that Mythic Essence and RP for the skins that are sure to turn heads on the Rift.

LoL: Luna New Year Skins

Porcelain Kindred
New Porcelain skins are coming your way! | © Riot Games

Get ready for a Lunar New Year celebration like never before! Riot's pulling out all the stops in 2024, bringing back the beloved Porcelain skin series and introducing a brand-new stunner – Heavenscale. This skin line is all about paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of the holiday, featuring deities donning human guises as they descend from their celestial palaces to join in mortal celebrations.

But here's the twist – Heavenscale isn't just about stunning visuals; it's a journey through history with fashion inspired by traditional clothing. These skins are more than just cosmetics; they're a work of art, blending historical elements with a touch of modern flair.

  • Heavenscale Lee Sin
  • Heavenscale Ezreal
  • Heavenscale Ezreal Prestige Edition
  • Heavenscale Kai'Sa
  • Heavenscale Master Yi
  • Heavenscale Diana
  • Heavenscale Janna
  • Heavenscale Smolder
Heavenscale concept art
New skin line: Heavenscale! | © Riot Games

Porcelain is back, and it's making a splash with a prestige version of an older Porcelain skin.

  • Porcelain Graves
  • Porcelain Darius
  • Porcelain Miss Fortune
  • Porcelain Morgana
  • Porcelain Irelia
  • Porcelain Aurelion Sol
  • Porcelain Kindred Prestige Edition

These skins are set to make their debut in LoL Patch 14.3 and LoL Patch 14.4.

Skin Lines With A Comeback In 2024

Brace yourselves, as Riot is bringing back some all-time favorites in the first half of the year. Get ready for the enchanting Faerie Court skins, which were a massive hit in 2023 and are set to make another splash this year. But that's not all – the PROJECT and Blood Moon skin lines are also making a comeback, promising to add their signature flair to the League of Legends universe once again.

Updates for Old Legendary Skins

Dragon Trainer Tristana
Give this Yordle a border! | © Riot Games

Riot's not just focusing on the new kids on the block; they're giving some love to the classics by updating older legendary skins. The key upgrade on the agenda? Borders, adding that extra touch of flair that newer legendary skins already rock. As for the specific skins getting this legendary facelift in 2024, the suspense is real! And here they are:

  • Brolaf
  • Corporate Mundo
  • Dragon Trainer Tristana

Fantastic news for Dragon Trainer Tristana enjoyers! The wait is almost over, as her border is set to hit the scene with the first patch of the year. Talk about starting the new LoL season with a stylish bang – keep those eyes peeled for your chance to snag this epic upgrade.

And here's some excitement for Rammus and Olaf mains! The champions in need of a fresh new look are in luck, as Riot has some shiny new skins in the pipeline for them this year.

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Here at riot games we like to bring you new and exciting content like: Porcelain Graves. Yes you heard that right folks prepare for another skin that nobody is going to buy. Sincerly Riot 4shot


So one of the original Legendary skins, and only one on the champion... Cho'gath. Gentleman Chogath is just the base skin, with him wearing a top hat. Soooo, how is that still not getting updated, or removed from the game if not.