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LoL: Smolder's Abilities Overview

News 09-01-2024 12:32

Get ready to meet the newest sensation on Summoner's Rift – Smolder, the Fiery Fledgling! Patch 14.2 is set to be the stage for Smolder's grand entrance, and there's a lot to spill about this charming addition to the League of Legends roster. Buckle up for a rundown of Smolder's abilities and all the cool stuff this little dragon brings to the table!

Smolder splash art
Let's dive into Smolder's Abilities! | © Riot Games

The wait is over, and Smolder is ready to spread his wings on the PBE! Starting from January 8, eager players can dive into the PBE to test out this adorable ADC dragon and get a firsthand experience of his unique abilities. The PBE debut gives us a sneak peek into the magic that Smolder brings to the Rift with his abilities. So, let's dive right into it!

Smolder's Abilities

Passive – Dragon Practice: Whenever he hits an enemy champion with his abilities or scores kills with his Super Scorcher Breath (Q), he racks up stacks of Dragon Practice. This mechanic adds an exciting layer to his gameplay – the more stacks he accumulates throughout the game, the more potent his basic abilities become.

Q – Super Scorcher Breath: This ability involves a dragon-sized burp that shoots out a flame at his opponents. The catch? It's not just any burp – it's a burp that evolves based on the stacks of his passive, Dragon Practice.

Here's the breakdown of the bonus effects based on Dragon Practice stacks:

  • 25 or more stacks: Grants an Area of Effect (AoE) effect, damaging all enemies around the hit target.
  • 125 or more stacks: Sends three small explosions beyond the target, each dealing 75 percent of the ability's damage.
  • 225 or more stacks: Applies a burn effect, dealing max health true damage over 3 seconds. Opponents below a certain health threshold while burning get executed.

For optimal damage output, level up Smolder's Q first and prioritize maxing it out quickly, as it scales with more passive stacks. This ability is likely to be a powerful tool during his laning phase, allowing him to farm safely from a distance and fend off aggressive opponents.

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W – Achooo!: This unique utility spell has Smolder unleashing a flame through a sneeze, damaging and slowing all enemies caught in its fiery path. But that's not all – when the sneeze hits a champion, an additional explosion occurs, akin to his Q with 25 stacks of Dragon Practice.

This utility spell adds a layer of crowd control to Smolder's arsenal, allowing him to slow down both those trying to catch him and the ones he's aiming to catch. It's a versatile tool that provides strategic options in both offensive and defensive situations.

E – Flap, Flap, Flap: (I must be filthy minded for what I just read there) Smolder's E ability, known as the Flight of Flame, is indeed a game-changer! When activated, Smolder takes flight, soaring through the skies with a significant boost in movement speed and the ability to ignore terrain for 1.25 seconds. During this aerial escapade, he prioritizes enemies with the lowest health.

This ability is a crucial tool in Smolder's kit, offering a versatile set of options. Whether you're playing as a fragile ADC or seeking surprising moments in a team fight, Flight of Flame provides a strategic edge. It's the kind of ability that can catch enemies off guard, aid in quick escapes, and add an element of surprise to Smolder's gameplay.

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R – MMOOOMMMM!: His R adds a heartfelt touch to his arsenal. When triggered, Smolder starts crying for his Mom (like the little baby dragon he is). In response, his Mom breathes fire from above, creating a massive wave that deals extra damage and slows enemies in the center of her fiery embrace. But that's not all – she also extends a healing touch to her crybaby, replenishing Smolder's health if he stands in her flames.

From the description, Cry for Mom sounds like an incredibly potent ability, offering both offensive and defensive advantages in the midst of battle. The synergy between the damage, crowd control, and healing elements adds depth to Smolder's ultimate, making it a potential game-changer. The true impact, however, awaits discovery when Smolder hits the live servers.

LoL: When Is Smolder's Release

With the anticipated release expected in League of Legends Patch 14.2 on January 24, players can gear up for the arrival of this adorable little dragon on the Rift. Until then, the League community is buzzing with excitement, and players are already diving into YouTube to explore Smolder builds, runes, skins, and in-depth analyses of his abilities, complete with stats and scalings.

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