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Who's hiding in LoL's client?

LoL “Forbidden” Tab: What Riot Might Be Hiding In Their Client

Champions 28-08-2023 14:50
Is Riot hiding hints about Briar in their client? | © Riot Games 

If you've opened up League of Legends recently, you may have stumbled upon a new tab on LoL's home page called "forbidden". Now, obviously this is just like putting a big red button in front of someone labeled "do not push". Of course, I'm going to push that button, and of course I'm going to look at whatever Riot has deemed "forbidden" (smart move Riot).

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If you're like me, and you couldn't keep your hands away from the new tab in LoL's client, you'll have seen an interesting surprise hidden behind it.

LoL: Riot Might Be Hiding Briar Behind The "Forbidden" Tab

Lo L Briar Teaser
Looks like whatever's forbidden has to do with the next champ Briar. | © Riot Games / screenshot

Well, since Riot couldn't keep our curious noses away, just by calling a tab "forbidden" – I mean come on, who wouldn't click on it – we discovered this lovely spooky image. 

Clicking on the "forbidden" tab reveals this eerie picture of what looks to be some kind of medieval prison or castle dungeon, which is accompanied by some totally not creepy rattling chains and someone – whistling?

But why would Riot release this? Well, our first educated guess is that this is the first teaser for the next upcoming LoL champ, Briar. After her splash art has been leaked, it only seems fitting for Riot to give us more information about the 2000-year-old vampire. 

And thanks to previously image and audio file leaks that were linked to Briar, I think it's safe to assume that whatever is "forbidden" is a teaser for Briar.

I personally think that this dungeon is teasing a part of Briar's lore. We've thought before, thanks to leaks, that Briar might be living in some type of medieval castle. But this teaser seems to show a rather unpleasant, different version of that idea. Briar might be living in a castle, but it looks more like she's living underneath it.

This image feels like it leads to more questions than answers.

We already know that Briar's play style in LoL will entail her going "hungry" every once in a while, which will unleash a new, very different character to Briar. Perhaps this "other Briar" is being held prisoner to keep that dangerous side away from others?

Who's whistling – is it Briar or the hangry version of herself? And why does the whistling stop when you click on the door at the end of the hallway?

Hopefully this eerie melody is something we will hear when Briar roams the jungle, once she officially joins LoL, that would be epic. 

Until then, we'll probably get more teasers giving us more information about Briar and also when her official release date is. As always, we'll keep you updated, once we find out more!

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