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BigBadBear is at it again!

New Champion Briar Details Leaked

News 24-08-2023 17:10
Could have gone more with the crazy vampire look, but we'll take it! | © Riot Games

Some League of Legends champions are more hyped than others. And while Briar's hype can't compare to Bel'Veth's for example, we are all excited to see an actual vampire of the Rift, instead of just some hemomancers.

The famous LoL leaker BigBadBear has managed to get their hands on some details revolving Briar's design, though they want us to take them with a grain of salt. In any case, it's definitely enough to keep the rumor mill running!

New Vampire Champion Briar - Unconfirmed Leaks

We all knew that Riot intended Briar to be a new jungle champion and that her design was going to revolve around her being an actual vampire. And, apparently, she is not a vampire of the Twilight kind!

According to the leaks, Briar is supposed to have the look of a teenager at best, which goes in hand with an immortal vampire after all, and will be controlled by her urges.

The most characteristic part of her design, however, is that Briar seems to be blind! A blind vampire, with a mouth full of sharp teeth is something we didn't expect from Riot, but wholeheartedly approve of!

Depending on her "hunger", Briar's personality varies, but she is meant to be psychotic and crazy. Perhaps hunger will be the resource Briar will use, like Renekton's fury or Morde's shield?

In addition, her weapon has already been confirmed by her splash art lead, and it's something that we previously thought was just some Noxus imagery. Her weapon is a pillory, the medieval torture/detainment tool, that she breaks out of upon reaching level 6.

Briar teaser lol champion
No wonder she is mad, with those spikes around her neck | © Riot Games

Her kit itself is the least confirmed part of her design. What BigBadBear has for us is that Briar will have:

  • Dash stun with her Q
  • Fear
  • Lifesteal
  • Frenzy
  • No health regen

Even though all of the leaks are unconfirmed, her kit is meant to be taken with a grain of salt especially, as Riot keep that part of the design close to their chest the most!

The possibilities for speculation are endless!

When is Briar Getting Released?

Briar has only been mentioned by Riot up until now, and the leaks themselves are unconfirmed. However, BigBadBear has stated that the teasers from Riot revolving around Briar should start appearing relatively soon, and the leaks just keep on coming, which may force Riot's hand a bit and speed up her release!

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