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LoL: Hwei The Ink Mage Is Painting Across Summoner's Rift

Champions 13-10-2023 18:25

The next League of Legends champion finally has a name. The much-anticipated mid lane mage will finally make it onto Summoner's Rift, so what has Riot revealed in the most recent dev update? 

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LoL: Hwei is going to be painting across your game. | © Riot Games

Hwei is the name of the new mid lane champion that Riot will be releasing. In a recent Champion Roadmap we found out more about the champion and what personality he will have, while having to take some guesses on his abilities. Will we actually be able to draw? 

LoL: Riot Tease New Mid Lane Mage Hwei

Hwei is going to be the newest addition on Summoner's Rift. It's been over 2-years since we got our last mage in the mid lane with Vex, who was added to the game in 2021 with the Ruination Event. Now we're getting another unique mage, this time without a shadow, but instead a paintbrush. 

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In the recent Champion Roadmap, we learn that the mid lane mage will be a tortured artist of sort who is able to create beautiful and colorful images. It's also interesting how he is described as someone who had to follow a journey of three stages before he is able to create the art he wants. Could this be a hint to his abilities? 

An artist’s journey usually can be summarized in three stages. First, they must follow the principles of masters before them, learning the rules and intricacies. Then, they can diverge, explore, and break principles to find their own path. And finally, only after exhausting the exploration of their craft can they transcend to a new level of artistry.

The champion might be somber, but he will be creating beautiful works of art, just like you will when you play him on Summoner's Rift. Not much else has been revealed yet and we still don't have an image of what he might look like. 

His release date is also still a mystery, with many believing that he will be coming late 2023 or early 2024. This year, players only received 3 new champions, which is far less than in previous years, so many are hoping for a 2023 release. 

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