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LoL Quickplay: PBE Patch For New Queue Revealed In Dev Blog

News 13-10-2023 17:45

Blind Pick is no more and Riot is going to replace it with Quickplay which is meant to give players a quick and easy experience without champion select to practice and try out new picks and comps. 

Jungler Master Yi
LoL Quickplay is going to hit servers soon. | © Riot Games

Quickplay was announced early in 2023 and now it seems that this new Queue will finally be hitting the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for testing. Riot have recently released a dev blog in which Tara "Riot Sailormoon" Chen and Jason "Riot Crabdust" Cohen spoke about the upcoming queue. 

Blind Pick is practically never used, but now Riot is adding in a new queue – Quickplay – to replace it. You can play it alone or with friends, so let's go over the key information of this new queue form right now. 

LoL Quickplay To Come Late 2023

Quickplay is going to be added to the PBE dev cycle for Patch 13.21 where core functionality will be tested according to the dev post that was posted on October 12, 2023. The team will then focus on rolling out Quickplay across multiple regions in a staggered way. Which regions will receive Quickplay on their servers first has not been revealed yet. 

Previously, when Riot was testing out things like this they usually used either the OCE, EUNE or RU server to test out some things like this. For example, earlier in 2023, some queue changes were tested for Normal Draft which made it impossible for a while to find games on the servers. 

Due to these servers having a smaller population than others issues that could arise will disrupt fewer players. So it's likely that Riot will also be rolling out Quickplay on those servers before moving them onto larger servers like NA or EUW. But that is just speculation for now. 

How Does Quickplay Work? 

Quickplay will replace Blind Pick and players will get to skip the champion select stage completely. Players will have to choose a primary and secondary role, like before, as well as their champions and rune pages. Then they are put into the queue. 

Once the queue pops, they're automatically put into the game without bans or any draft phase. This is supposed to give players a chance to test out unconventional picks which might cause players to dodge in draft, as well as alleviate the stress of calling a role for new players who might get stuck playing a role they are unfamiliar with. 


  • 2 unique champions
  • 2 unique positions
  • Minimum of 1 Priority position

2–4 Players

  • All solo rules apply to each player
  • Minimum of 1 unique champion per player across the party
  • Primary slot selections must be unique across the party (champion and position)

Full Team of Five

  • No Secondary choices required
  • 1 unique champion and position per player across the party

The surrender rules in Quickplay will also be adjusted with surrender requirements for early surrenders lowered to 10 minutes instead of 15 and after 20 minutes teams will only need 3 surrender votes instead of 4. 

So it seems like Quickplay is coming to a League of Legends client near you very soon. Are you excited? 

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