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This Off-Meta Pick By TheShy Works Wonders Into Jax

More 10-02-2023 10:00
Theshy vs jax
Which champion does TheShy pick into Jax? | © Riot Games

Are you sick and tired of playing against Jax? After his mid-scope update and some bug fixes, this champion has become a staple in the top lane once more and while he is fun, he's also one annoying champion to play against. 

Thankfully, TheShy is going into a time machine and bringing us back to early League of Legends with his coutner pick to Jax and we think you guys, especially witht the Support changes in LoL Patch 13.3, should give TheShy's Jax coutnerpick a chance. 

OG Counter Pick By TheShy Against Jax: Alistar

Playing against Jax can be one of the most annoying things to do in the top lane. He's a very strong pick right now, has a great late game and mobility and overall is just way too good. So, what do you do? Well, you should just go back in time and pull out one of the OG picks like TheShy has done recently: Alistar

But can TheShy make this pick int he top lane work?

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Yes, the support champion can also be flexed to the top lane and while his wave clear isn't the best, if you manage to get ahead early, you'll be an essential part of your team. Alistar honestly has anything and everything you'll want in a counter pick to Jax. 

Alistar has enough crowd control to keep Jax away and if he does ever try to get close to you, well then you merely headbutt him away. Sure, your early game suffers, but once you've got your level 3 and you can start landing those headbutt, pulverize combos, then it's lights out for your opponents. 

In recent days, TheShy has been spamming this pick in solo queue, practising for the stage. TheShy is known for playing odd off-meta picks in the lane, having recently played Nidalee into K'Sante and even popularizing the odd, yet useful, Kalista top as well. 

So, if there is anyone who can make a pick like Alistar top work, then it's going to be TheShy. 

In teamfights you'll also be an essential part of your team with Alistar, able to headbutt Jax away before he can get to your carries, protecting them. You won't be the main damage dealer, but you will be the guardian protecting your squishy allies. 

Of course, you also have enough damage in your kit to be able to chunk down enemies and if you've got help from the jungler, then this is one scary cow in the top lane. Alistar top also isn't that hard to play, just practice your combos and then you're good to go and you'll never suffer another Jax top again. 

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