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Ivern is going to be better hopefully

LoL: Ivern Mid-Scope Update Release Frame Revealed

Champions 02-05-2023 21:00
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LoL: Ivern is getting a Mid-Scope Update, but will it make him more popular? | © Riot Games

Ivern is going to be getting a Mid-Scope Update  (MSU)in 2023 along with champions like Rell and Neeko. Until now, we haven't gotten a timeline of when which MSU will release, but recently, Riot have given some clues for Ivern.

Ivern is a cool champion with a great concept, but his in-game playstyle just does not appeal to the League of Legends community, making him one of the least-played champions in the entire game. That's why Riot is giving him a slight update to hopefully improve his play rate. 

LoL: Ivern Mid-Scope Update Announced 

Ivern might look cool on the rift, but we see him so seldom that we can barely remember the swag this champion has when he walks from camp to camp. This is a champion that plays unlike any other jungler and that makes him very unpopular... sadly. 

Now, Riot is going to be giving him a little facelift to try and make him more popular. Not on the scale of Aurelion Sol who received a Comprehensive Gameplay Update, but instead on a smaller scale to his abilities. 

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In the most-recent dev blog of April, 2023, Riot Meddler and Riot Brightmoon revealed that Iverns Mid-Scope Update should release along with the midseason update, which will also see major changes to itemization, as well as reset the ranked ladder for the second half of the League season. 

Ivern's MSU should be released around the same time, which means we can expect his update to come around LoL Patch 13.12. Of course, this can still change ahead of the release, but it seems like Ivern is going to have his MSU released before Rell will have hers. 

Neeko's Mid Scope has been on the PBE and will be releasing with LoL Patch 13.9. Now this begs the question, who are the next MSU candidates going to be? 

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