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LoL: Emote Wheel Could Receive Even More Updates

More 02-05-2023 20:45
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LoL: Riot is looking to make even more changes to the emote wheel. | © Riot Games

On the current PBE there are some major changes to the emote wheel, something which fans have been asking for, for a while now, but it seems like the changes won't just stop there. Nine emotes are nice, but it looks like Riot will do even more. 

During the most recent Dev update blog, Riot Brightmoon and Meddler outlined multiple changes that are coming to League of Legends, such as some new mythic items. But they also touched upon emotes and how they can change. 

LoL Emote Wheel To Receive Further Changes

The emote wheel is changing from five emote slots to nine thanks to the recent cut to 32 Bit Support for League of Legends. Therefore, the team has been able to expand the emote wheel and Riot is determined to make even more changes. 

According to Riot Meddler in the most recent dev blog video in April, he revealed that the team is also looking to include multiple emote wheel pages, which players can choose from before a game, similar to rune pages. 

Also, they want to implement a search, so players are able to find the emotes they want better and with more ease in the client. Of course, these are just a few ideas, but it seems like there are some big changes that Riot is looking to make for personalization. 

The mere change from five emotes to nine at the cost of the situational emotes has been well-received by the community, so having even more options for something, so small could improve the casual player base. 

Of course, this won't fix the rampant issue with toxic players that plague the player base as well, but Riot is adding some new features like in-game reporting which could help with toxicity. 

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