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Naafiri is coming home soon!

LoL: Naafiri Release Date And Start Time

Champions 20-07-2023 11:01
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New League of Legends champion Naafiri: Here's the exact release date and start time. | © Riot Games

The release of the new LoL champion Naafiri is just around the corner – we'll tell you the release date and start time for Naafiri here. Mark it on your calendars if you're looking to become a Naafiri One Trick Pony (OTP). 

Naafiri will be a simple to play mid lane assassin and judging by her kit she is going to be a lot of fun and deal a lot of damage. Is there anything better? No, not at all so mark these dates to be able to play her! 

League of Legends: Naafiri Release Date And Start Time

Naafiri Soul Fighter skin
LoL: The Soul Fighter Naafiri skin will be released with the summer event |©Riot Games

Naafiri is going to be released in LoL Patch 13.14. Along with her, we're also going to be getting the big summer event, which means she will also get an event skin. This skin will be part of the Soul Fighter skin series, just like the controversial Soul Fighter Samira skin. 

You can start playing her on July 20, at around 4:00pm EDT or 8:00pm UTC, when the event is going live. The future will show which position might be the favorable one for her.

So, now you've got all the information for Naafiri and when you can play her and get your hands on her. Hopefully she is as fun as she looks in her trailers and not completely broken... but hey this is Rito in 2023... every new champ is broken. 

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