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Naafiri is a dog... so can you pet her?

LoL Naafiri: Can You Pet The Dog?

Champions 30-06-2023 11:11
Naafiri splash header
Can Naafiri be pet? | © Riot Games

Naafiri is ready to be released and with a brand-new monster champion just around the corner, some players are wondering whether Naafiri can be pet. She is a dog, or a type of hound, after all. 

Whether a dog, or any animal, can be pet has become a key question for many players and with the release of Naafiri we've taken to check whether Riot did the right thing by making Naafiri a champion we can pet after getting a pentakill with her. 

LoL Champion Naafiri: Can You Pet Her?

Naafiri is the next League of Legends champion and she will be released in LoL Patch 13.14. You can test out her interesting kit and abilities on the PBE server starting June 27, 2023 when the PBE for Patch 13.14 is going to go live. 

Naafiri trailer screenshot
Do you really want to pet a prickly dog like this? | © Riot Games

Naafiri is going to be a simple to play assassin, something we haven't seen in a while. Riot have been focusing on making easy beginner-friendly champions that can still work across multiple elos. Naafiri is one of them. 

  • Get a new mug to drink out of so you can enjoy some tea while learning how to play Naafiri!

What else makes her so special though? While everyone thought that Bel'Veth would be the next creature champion, most were greatly disappointed to see her be a humanoid manta ray. Thankfully Riot already had plans for Naafiri and she was already being worked on, which means we're getting the first monster champion in a while. 

What's even better? She is a Shuriman desert hound. Now one of the most important questions fo the 21st century has become whether you can pet a dog in a video game. While the dogs in Genshin Impact cannot be pet, the dogs in Assassin's Creed Odyssey can be played with. 

Now which faction does Naafiri belong to? Of course the can be pet faction. Riot have made sure to show everyone that you can pet Naafiri, but players will have to figure out how to pet her by themselves. 

How To Pet Naafiri

Naafiri Header Concet
Want to pet this cute doggo? | © Riot Games

Now that you know that you can pet Naafiri, you obviously also need to know how to do it, right? Well, it's actually very simple to pet Naafiri in League and if you want the whole combo just follow the steps below: 

  1. Press CTRL+1 Twice
  2. Press CTRL+2 Once Animation Ends
  3. Press CTRL+3 Once Second Animation Ends
  4. Press CTRL+3 Once Third Animation Ends

Just follow these steps and you'll be petting Naafiri all the time during your games. Just refrain from doing so before a big teamfight... maybe just pet her before the game truly begins. 

Naafiri will be released in LoL Patch 13.14, so you can enjoy this fresh new gameplay in mid-July. Riot will be taking a break this time around, meaning that Patch 13.13 is going to be a 3-week patch. 

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