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Riot did an oopsie

LoL Patch 13.9 Bug Lets You Figure Out Who Neeko Is Disguised As

Champions 04-05-2023 17:55
Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko
LoL Patch 13.9: This is annoying... | © Riot Games

League of Legends and in-game bugs are nothing new. The game has over 160 champions hundreds of items and even more abilities, so there are going to be issues with the game. A new bug has been found which will ruin all your fun though, especially if you want to try out the new Neeko passive

In LoL Patch 13.9, Neeko's Mid-Scope Update has finally gone live and a single bug can ruin the entire experience of being nothing more than a little chicken on Summoner's Rift or chilling as a plant in the enemy jungle waiting for an ambush. 


LoL Bug Reveals Neeko's Transformation

Neeki is able to play as anyone and anything now that her Mid-Scope Update has gone live. Her MSU has been one of the most anticipated in a while, having been revealed last year already. In January we got a small taste and finally it's live and it looks to be a lot of fun... if you're Neeko. 

Playing against her will mean anxiety at every turn, because any plant or jungle critter can be her. But a bug in the game can be used and you can find out who Neeko is disguised as in that very moment. 

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A post on Reddit has gone viral in which one player outlined how to figure out who Neeko is. The player explained that even when Neeko isn't in vision, if a player uses the menu mute button, the icon of whatever she is transformed into will appear

This makes it quite easy to figure out who Neeko is. Even if she is an animal or something, you'll be able to let the rest of your team know what to look out for and who to be afraid of. 

Riot will likely make changes to this bug quickly, since this will greatly affect anyone playing Neeko or against her and take away some of the in-game immersion. 

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