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LoL Patch 14.10 Will Update VFX For Nidalee And Ashe

Champions 07-05-2024 17:31

Nidalee and Ashe are both getting some visual effect (VFX) updates in the upcoming patch. It's about time, eh?

Cosmic Nidalee
LoL Patch 14.10: Some updates to Nidalee and Ashe are coming! | © Riot Games

Nidalee and Ashe are two older champions with some pretty outdated animations. Thankfully, Riot has been taking older champions under their wing to try and improve some of those animations and give them more clarity. 

In LoL Patch 14.10, Nidalee will be getting multiple adjustments, while Ashe is going to have one ability looked at and improved. With these changes known, let's see what exactly Riot is going to be changing. 

LoL Patch 14.10: Nidalee And Ashe VFX Changes

Both champions will be getting their visual effects adjusted. Since these champions are older, this is a much-needed improvement. Riot recently also changed some hitboxes and sizes of champions, so some issues might have occurred with them as well. Thankfully, Riot is making some great improvements this patch. 

Nidalee Adjustments

La Ilusion
Nidalee VFX is getting changed finally! | © Riot Games

Riot Etlios outlined the changes they're planning to make for Nidalee on Twitter/X. He explained that they will be updating Nidalee's entire kit. Her Q, W and some skins are receiving VFX upgrades. 

  • Q - Javelin Toss
    • Spear now ramps up VFX
  • W - Pounce
    • Shows AoE on all skins

Not only are her abilities getting upgraded, but Riot will also improve her super old skins. For example, Snow Bunny is receiving some snow visual effects and Pharaoh will be getting some sand VFX as well. 

Ashe Adjustments

Coven Ashe skin
Her ultimate is getting adjusted. | © Riot Games

Ashe's most iconic ability, her ultimate, is going to be getting a clarity upgrade with these VFX changes. Players have been confused at times why her arrow managed to hit their champions, with the visuals not ligning up with the hitbox of the ability. That should change with the upcoming update. 

Her ultimate will now have a ground VFX so it'll be easier to track. There are also indicators that show how wide the ability is, adjusting the hitbox of the arrow itself as well while doing so. Overall, these are welcomed changes. 

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