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League of Legends: Caedrel Blames One Player For FlyQuests Crushing MSI Defeat

Esports 07-05-2024 09:00

After FlyQuest lost to PSG Talon during the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational Play-In stage, caster and streamer Caedrel had one player to blame. 

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League of Legends: Caedrel was unhappy with one player. | © Riot Games

FlyQuest suffered a crushing defeat on the final day of the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational Play-In stage when they went head-to-head with PSG Talon. The games ended with a 2-0, FlyQuest not having a chance against the PCS champions, a team they had beaten earlier in the tournament already. 

FlyQuest can only hang their heads in shame, while PSG Talon have now moved on to the next round, where they will be facing off against the 2024 LPL Spring Split champions BiliBili Gaming. 

League of Legends: Caedrel Unhappy With One Player's Performance

At the end of the game, while FlyQuest were packing up their gear to head backstage, Caedrel, who was co-streaming, let out his frustration, explaining how he felt that FlyQuests jungler Inspired was not playing up to par in this series and cost the team the games. 

 This is POV: You get all the kills on your team and MVP on OP.GG, but then you blame your teammates when you’re the one who secretly inted it, but the stats don’t tell that, you know? The stats don’t tell that you were the problem because Inspired f***ed the game multiple times, but he got kills, so it looks like he’s not a problem. 

Caedrel isn't the only one who feels like Inspired is to blame for the team's performance, with others on social media chiming in with their own opinions. On Reddit, fans felt that Inspired was disconnected from the rest of the team, which caused them to make some bad plays that ended up losing them the game. 

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Who is to blamde for FlyQuests downfall? | © Riot Games

It seems that players felt Inspired also showed a lackluster performance during their previous series against T1, with one fan pointing out an exact moment where Inspired simply walked past T1's jungler doing Grubs, ignoring him in favor of heading mid wave where he also did nothing. 

So, is Inspired to blame for the team's downfall, or were there multiple factors that came into play? Let us know in the comments what you thought about FlyQuests performance at MSI 2024. 

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