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LoL Patch Notes: Vayne Buffs Trial Run For Other Champions

Champions 11-04-2023 18:05
Firecracker Vayne
LoL Patch Notes: Vayne was buffed not too long ago and Riot feels she is in a good spot right now. | © Riot Games

In LoL Patch 13.6, Riot released some Vayne changes that had some fans worrying whether she was going to be way too strong, especially in the top lane. But now, after looking over the data, it seems that she is in a good position and Riot will be looking to do even more changes. 

The Vayne changes were implemented in LoL Patch 13.6, in hopes of bringing her up to par with some other bot lane champions and after a few weeks on the live server, Riot feels that she is in a good spot and look to implement similar buffs to other champions. 

LoL Patch Notes: Vayne Buffs Looking Stable

In League of Legends Patch 13.6, the balance team decided to buff a champion most hate seeing buffed – Vayne. The team knew that these changes could either catapult her into giga broken or barely have an effect on her popularity, but raise her win rate at least somewhat. 

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Out of the two options, the latter happened, with Riot Phroxzon, in a recent Quick Gameplay Thoughts writing that her play rate in the top lane only raised significantly right after the patch release, but has since dropped back down to normal levels. 

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Vayne is a champion who wants to outplay others and have the upper edge through smart playing, as well as well-timed engages and disengages. She hasn't been delivering lately though, hence why she received some buffs. 

Phroxzon explained that in recent times the only people who would lose to Vayne are those with slower reflexes or are just worse players. Anytime Vayne went up against someone with the same skill set as the player, she would automatically lose, which is why the team decided to buff her. 

Being bad against high-skill opponents means she has been balanced around exactly the players who will find her most frustrating to play against—players who aren’t likely to understand her counterplay, which tends to be more strategic or depend on very fast reflexes

That's why Riot decided to buff her for higher level players, rather than implement a mere damage buff. Of course, this likely won't be the final buff, with the balance team continuing to monitor her, in hopes of continuing to make her a strong bot laner once more without her being too oppressive in the top lane. 

Riot Phroxzon noted, that there are other champions out there who will likely receive the same type of treatment. "Vayne isn’t the only champion in this situation". He also mentioned Zed, so it's likely that the mid laner might be getting some updates in future patches as well aimed towards higher skilled players. 

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