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This one champion is just way too much

LoL Players Believe One Champion Is Ruining Pro-Scene

Champions 01-06-2023 17:15
Ocean Song Ashe and Zeri
LoL: This one champion is ruining esports. | © Riot Games

While the LCS is on strike due to the LCS Player Association demanding better terms for the Academy system, one region on the other side of the world has already kicked off their Summer Split. 

The Chinese LPL has already started their first weekof professional League of Legends with some pretty exciting matches, but one champion has ruined the whole thing. Not even a week into the Summer Split and fans are already lamenting the inclusion of this champion and spoiler alert... it's not Yuumi for once. 

LoL Champion Set To Become Top 3 Presence In LPL For Third Split In A Row

A Reddit thread has recently gone viral in which a fan has pointed out that within the first week of LPL play, Zeri has become one of the champions with the highest presence. This isn't the first time either for the champion. In the LPL Summer in 2023 she was basically picked or banned in every single match, except for one. 

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In previous splits she also spouted very high numbers with her being the champion with the second-highest presence in the LPL 2023 Spring Split and the third-highest in the 2022 LPL Summer Split. 

While MSI 2023 didn't have her as high up as either Jinx or Aphelios, when either of those champions were picked then players would default to Zeri. 

Zeri Has Too Much Mobility And Range

Players believe that she is just way too mobile and safe for an ADC pick. Bot lane champions should worry about their positioning and be able to play from the backline, but Zeri is a hypermobile champion with decent range that can escape any and every situation. She is able to kite with ease, making her one of the safest picks in the bot lane.

Add in the fact that Trinity Force and Runaan's Hurricane received some buffs also factor into the equation of Zeri's rise in popularity once more. Zeri is able to abuse these items, meaning that players will pick her, knowing that she is a good champion, even if she might not be the best. 

Pro players love comfort, so if the best champion in the role is banned, they'll default to comfort and with Zeri having been such a prominent pick since her debut in 2022, then they will pick her... or just ban her. 

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