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LoL: Players Hope Riot Fixes More Pointless Abilities

Spirit Blossom Yorick
LoL: Which ability would you want Riot to rework? | © Riot Games

Some League of Legends champions have truly useless abilities in their kits. It seems that Riot has acknowledged this and are going over some of the weaker ones to fix them and make them actual abilities. 

Some fans have taken to Reddit to discuss which champion abilities the Riot balance team should look over next and who is in desperate need of some love from Riot in the coming season. 

LoL: Riot Reworking Abilities Gets Fans Hope Up 

One Redditor found that with Riot tweaking underwhelming abilities, could mean that other 'boring' abilities could be adjusted next. Recently, Riot tweaked Jarvan's W, as well as adjusted Annies E to make them feel better. 

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This post prompted a discussion on the site with players giving their opinions on champions that are in need of some love from Riot. Especially Yorick players spoke out about his useless passive, which basically doesn't exist after he hits level 6. 

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One player even stated that Yorick's passive only exists to explain his gimmick without adding all the info into his Q flavor text. 

Another champion that was mentioned was Kog'Maw and his passive. Players feel that it is too clunky and doesn't work properly and that simply adding something small like giving him the ability to ghost through minions, could make his passive a much better in-game tool. 

Other champions like Fizz already have an ability which lets them pass through minions and be untargetable, so applying this to Kog'Maw passive could be something that the team could implement. 

Morgana is a third champion many players had complaints about, especially her passive. With Morgana being a primary support pick, since she's been nerfed in the jungle, some players wish Riot would add something to her passive to make her more viable in the off-role. 

Her W is also quite underwhelming with most only using it as a proc to get Spellthiefs. So, some players hope that her passive and W get some love from Riot to make her a better champion in multiple roles and not a mediocre support only. 

With 160 champions, the list could go on forever, but which abilities should Riot take a look at and update in the coming months? 

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