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These are fun... but so difficult.

Hardest Support Champions to Master

Champions 24-11-2023 17:12

League of Legends has so many support champions that sometimes it seems hard to know which ones to play. Some are extremely fun, while others are super easy to master, but which ones are the top tier hardest support champion in LoL?

Spririt Blossom Thresh
Thresh is so fun, but very difficult to master. | © Riot Games

We're going to take a quick look at some support champions that take some time to master, but will feel so rewarding and fun to play. You'll roam, control the map and pressure the lane with these picks! Just make sure to put time and effort into the champions so you can do it well. 


The Hardest Support Champions in League of Legends

3. Rakan

Rakan is very fun to play. He's able to shield his allies, give a small heal if he manages to land his Q and he can knock-up enemies with his W. The difficult part is putting this whole puzzle together. Knowing how to combo his abilities together is the hard part with this unique support pick. 

I G Rakan
iG Rakan is the best Rakan skin. | © Riot Games

His W, Grand Entrance, is his main form of CC and while it might have a large area of effect, it is rather difficult to land, especially with the multitude of dashes we've got in the game right now. The delay before the ability is cast also gives champions a chance to get out of the area. 

You'll have to master all the skill shots he's got. Landing your Q properly will take some time and knowing when to dash to an opponent and then using W again takes time. But once you figure it all out, no other support will be as fun to play as Rakan. 

2. Bard 

Bard looks like a really fun champion and his kit is unique and interesting. If you want to be able to roam all over the map and make plays happen, then take a magical journey to the other side of the map with Bard! You won't regret it. 

Astronaut Bard
Look at the meeps! | © Riot Games

You will have to go out of your way to pick up chimes, which means you might have to leave your partner alone in lane at times. In lower elos where communication is basically none existent this could cause some friction within your team. 

Knowing when to use his ultimate is also tricky. It's basically a huge AoE Zhonya's and when used at the wrong moment or on the wrong champions, you could just help out your enemies instead of your own team. Let's not get started on his portal placement either, because when you don't know what you're doing you'll be portalling to your death 24/7. 

1. Thresh

If there is one champion to master, then put Thresh on your list. He's one of the best support champions in any meta thanks to his crowd control, his engage potential and his constantly scaling armor thanks to his passive. If there is one champion we suggest mastering, then it's got to be Thresh. 

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You'll have to master his hook and how it properly works. You can recast the hook to pull yourself towards your target, and then you'll use your Flay on them to knock them up. This combo is especially volatile in the early phases of the laning phase. 

Mastering the Flay is difficult and knowing where to place lanterns and when to throw one out also takes some time in the game. Once you master it though it's so worth it, because Thresh i just extremely fun to play. 

These are some of the most difficult support champions out there. Are you curious about other ones? We've also taken a look at the top lane and the mid lane as well. Or you can just read up on the best support picks of the meta right now. 

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