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LoL: Riot It's Time You Finally Fix Nunu

Champions 20-02-2024 17:09

Nunu's Snowball is already known for its weird hitbox and numerous bugs but Im sure you all already know what issue I am talking about.

Workshop Nunu
The champion is actually so cute tho. | © Riot Games

The bug is almost half as old as League of Legends itself and Riot seems to not be able to fix it. Im talking about the invisible Nunu Snowball of course. At this point I've actually seen that ability been bugged more than not, and it has been like this for years. 

LoL: History Of The Invisible Nunu Snowball

Space Groove Nunu
The skin doesnt really matter, bugs can always appear. | © Riot Games

If you look up Invisible Nunu bug on YouTube you can actually find Videos dating back to 2019. You find some familiar YouTube Creators like Vandiril who is famous for his bug spotting, but also Doublelift and Tyler1 have fallen victim to the bug. 

The funny thing is that Vandiril has even made a Video about the comeback of the bug, in 2020. 

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But what even is the bug? Well a big identity of Nunu is that he has an ability where he rolls a gigantic snowball. Nunu and the snowball increase in speed the longer the snowball is rolling and if you hit an enemy with it, you deal massive damage and knock them up. 

Counterplay wise it is generally advised to dodge this ability which is where the bug comes in. Sometimes the snowball is invisible, and even rarer, Nunu with it. 

Nunu Lo L Patch 10 19
Nunu celebrating after hitting you with an invisible snowball. | © Riot Games

Obviously this is a huge issue and has been addressed and sent to Riot Games multiple times but as we can see from the Vandiril video, they failed fixing it. 

In a video from 2022 we can also see game developer Riot August talk about another Nunu bug where he mentions that he is unable to fix Nunu bugs in general and has given up on it. Granted that was another bug with Nunu W, but we can assume that they are tied together in a sense because both actually still exist.

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The funny thing about the bug is that only enemy Nunu's can produce invisible snowballs, and you will always be able to see your own. This reminds of a Nidalee bug where the spear was missing in the Javelin Toss animation.

In a game like League of Legends where visual clarity is extremely important its mind-boggling that bugs like this still exist after over five years.

What do you think? Should Riot be able to fix this? How many invisible snowballs do you see?

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