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LoL: Why Is The Heretics Superteam Failing?

News 20-02-2024 14:33

Team Heretics was praised as the superteam of Season 2024. Jankos has assembled all the parts that he needed to make one of the best LEC teams that the league has ever seen, on paper at least. But they are not performing and are even changing up now. 

Jankos Heretics 2023
Jankos has gathered half of the old G2 around him. | © Riot Games

Team Heretics has already signed everyone's favourite jungler Jankos in the 2023 Season but after a “not so great” result they have apparently given him the freedom to form his own team no matter the cost.

He has chosen to surround himself with parts of the legendary G2 super team that was consisting of Wunder, Jankos, Caps, Perkz and Mikyx.

Wunder and Perkz joined Jankos after having relatively low success on their previous teams. Jankos has also selected Flakked who he grew really close with it in the past. In the support role they got Kaiser who has always been one of the greatest supports in the European region.

But it wasnt meant to be. The team struggled to win even the easier matches and has ended the 2024 winter split with a 4-5 score.

LoL: What Went Wrong With Team Heretics?

G2 1309
I miss the old G2. We couldve won Worlds. | © Riot Games

So what is the reason for the problems? The team just lacked identity. While they have a lot of star players none of them actually performed and some even made the game harder than it needed to be in most cases. Perkz has not performed at all and Wunder has also looked shaky. Even the players that tried pulling their weight had no one to play around as it was just mediocrity.

For the spring split Heretics is getting Trymbi and letting go off Kaiser. Many fans do not agree with this choice as Kaiser was actually playing really well on Heretics and definitely didnt look like the reason they were struggling. 

In most cases Trymbi would be a small upgrade or even only a side grade, but it looks strange after all. Maybe there were internal issues that we know nothing about.

Kaiser has commented on this change with a simple “XD” on his X (formerly known as Twitter).

It was just another super team that has failed. Should we even keep calling teams super teams and doom their fate?

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