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LoL: Riot Will Nerf Viral Gragas Build In Patch 13.22

Champions 20-10-2023 13:10

Gragas has become a new sensation on Summoner's Rift thanks to a viral build which makes his E impossible to dodge. But now Riot will look to nerf it. 

Hillbilly Gragas
LoL: Gragas is too strong on Summoner's Rift right now. | © Riot Games

Gragas is a great champion that can be played in multiple roles. Whether you see him in the top lane, the mid lane or as a support he's a great utility pick. Recently though content creator Sloppy Walrus found a new way to enjoy Gragas – Impregnator Gragas. 

This viral sensation on Summoner's Rift has caused Riot to decide upon some major adjustments to the champion in the near future, meaning he will be nerfed in the next PBE cycle for LoL Patch 13.22

LoL: No Cooldown Gragas Nerf Incoming

Gragas E – Bodyslam is one of his best abilities, dealing decent damage and CC-ing his opponents. Now imagine this ability had 0 cooldown and you could just spam it? Well, that has happened with the ultimate Ability Haste build, but now Riot is looking to nerf it. Guess Impregnator Gragas was just too powerful. 

Sloppy Walrus, who has made this build so popular, makes sure to get the most Ability Haste possible for this to work. Add in the E passive "Body Slam's current cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds if Gragas hits an enemy" and you have an impossible to avoid ability.


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Riot have already added in some changes though that should go live  with the next PBE cycle, so for LoL Patch 13.22. The changes will target his E cooldown refund, making it scale with haste so it is less effective at lower cooldowns. This is similar to Master Yi Q refund. 

So, for anyone who enjoyed this playstyle, make sure to get your hours in, because it seems that after LoL Patch 13.22 he will have had a vasectomy. 

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