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Jinx now is a little less excited.

LoL Patch 13.21: After Insane Attack Speed Numbers Jinx Will Be Nerfed

Patch Notes 16-10-2023 11:40

Jinx has always been a fan favorite, even before the glorious times of Arcane. Now, as she jumped from the worst ADC to possibly OP-state, she's receiving some nerfs in the next patch. 

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Jinx is firing a bit too fast |©Riot Games

Jinx received some pretty massive buffs in Patch 13.20. Not only her ultimate ability - Super Mega Death Rocket! - got buffs, but also, her passive can stack now. 

This lead to Jinx having some unholy attack speed numbers in the later stages of the game. As she jumped from a 49.8% to a 52.10% win rate, these buffs don't seem to unbalanced. But as her play rate jumped from 5% to 23%, you can expect those changes to have an even higher impact, as people are just picking her up again and thus having not as much practice on her, dragging the win rate down. 

LoL: What Is The Problem With Jinx' Current State?

Jinx is especially strong in the mid game, where she usually gets a lot of kills. This is also when she will be part of huge fights – especially around objectives – during which she can stack up her passive. This leads to her having a way stronger mid to late game than she's supposed to have.

Her classic late game weakness of being immobile is still there, obviously. She can now shred through her threats faster though. 

Also, the LoL Reddit community is complaining.

How Will Riot Fix It?

Riot August announced, that they are reducing the maximum passive stacks from 100 to 5

Also, the attack speed only stacks on champion takedowns, but you still can get the first stack as well as refresh your buff off objectives like towers or dragons.

This will tone her down a good chunk, which should leave her in a decent place. I don't expect Jinx to be a Top-Tier ADC for next patch, but rather somewhere in the A-Tier.

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