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Are you missing some LP? Try these combos with your premade for the botlane!

LoL Best Bot Lane Duos – Patch 13.23

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We've gone through the stats to find the strongest bot duos of Patch 13.23 in the game. The first place is a personal favorite, but also genuinely the best bot lane duo right now.

Xayah 37
Are you missing some LP? Try these combos for the bot lane with your premade!

It's a new League of Legends patch, and if you and your premade are unsure about who to play in the bot lane, we're here to help! These must-play bot duos are really strong in the current patch and we're not just saying that because, well... the stats speak for themselves.

LoL: Best Bot Lane Duos in Patch 13.23

5. Vayne & Soraka

Let's start with a classic combo, namely Vayne and Soraka, who boast a 57.33% win rate.

Vayne Soraka
Top 5: Vayne and Soraka|©Riot Games

What Is The Synergy

Vayne and Soraka are two picks that don't have the strongest reputation in lane. Thanks to Vayne's new strength from maxing Q in lane, and Soraka's good presence through Q and E poke, Vayne can survive well.

Especially in the late phases, it becomes extremely hard to take down Vayne due to her invisibility combined with Soraka's heals and silence.

When Does It Spike

The strongest phase of this combination is, of course, the mid and especially the late game. Once Vayne scales up, she becomes unstoppable.

When To Pick

You don't want to play this lane against extreme lane bullies like Ashe / Zyra or Draven / Blitzcrank, as you can't match their extreme damage and both are very squishy. It's best to play this lane against other, more scaling-oriented match-ups.

How To Play

You should harass as much as possible with Vayne's Q auto attacks and Soraka's Q ability. Vayne can even take trades she would normally lose because Soraka can heal her with W. It's important for Soraka to be careful with her health and land her Q's.

The combination of Vayne's E and Soraka's silence is also not to be underestimated.

It's okay if you don't gain a big advantage in the laning phase, as you scale insanely well.

4. Miss Fortune & Maokai

The title of the most dangerous duo with an ADC goes to - Miss Fortune and Maokai. They might not seem like a natural fit, but they have achieved an impressive 57.45% win rate!

Miss Fortune Maokai
Miss Fortune and |©Riot Games

What Is The Synergy

Maokai can easily keep opponents away from Miss Fortune with his disengage while she targets enemies in Maokai’s CC with her ultimate. Miss Fortune has massive damage potential in team fights but needs a frontline to apply it effectively.

When Does It Spike

Surprisingly, they are strongest in the late game. However, with a very decent laning phase, they can already secure kills early on. This lane is effective throughout the game.

When To Pick

This lane can be picked anytime. Maokai and MF are both strong blind picks with few counters. Their biggest enemy is Sivir, who can negate MF’s Q with her E, and Maokai can’t reach her easily.

How To Play

In the laning phase, aim to harass opponents with Miss Fortune’s Q. You don’t always need the perfect angle through a dying minion; full-life minions can also be used for safe harass. Once opponents are low, slow them with MF’s E and engage with Maokai’s W. You should normally win this all-in. With your ultimates, Maokai can CC opponents for Miss Fortune to unleash her R on rooted targets.

3. Swain & Leona

Next, we have the formidable bot lane of Swain and Leona, with an impressive 59.06% win rate.

Swain Leona
Top 3: Swain and Leona|©Riot Games

What Is The Synergy

Swain thrives when close to enemies and landing his skill shots. His early laning phase pre-level 6 isn't that strong, but Leona, with her damage and CC, makes him formidable even before level 6. Post-Ultimate, Swain becomes an absolute monster, and this lane is nearly unbeatable after level 6 unless the fight is disengaged while Swain is ulting.

When Does It Spike

This lane dominates the mid game but falls off in the later stages. Make sure to capitalize on your advantage before the enemy ADC gets three items.

When To Pick

This lane is strong in the early to mid game, so it's a viable pick most of the time. Avoid picking it against disengaging champs like Morgana, Janna, or Zilean. Also, ensure your team has sufficient AD options if you choose an AP bot lane.

How To Play

Against weaker early lanes, aim for a level 2 advantage and all-in at this stage. By level 3, you’re likely to win, as Swain can hit his max damage Q easily with Leona’s CC. Post-level 6, constantly force fights when Swain has his ultimate, coordinating with Leona’s E and Swain’s E.

2. Yasuo & Taric

This unconventional lane of Yasuo and Taric boasts an amazing 59.59% win rate!

Yasuo and Taric
Top 2: Yasuo and Taric|©Riot Games

What Is The Synergy

Taric, who synergizes better with bruisers or off-tanks, pairs well with Yasuo. The key is Taric's E ability, which Yasuo can apply easily with his mobility.

When Does It Spike

Both Yasuo and Taric are known for scaling. Bot Lane Yasuo is particularly strong early on, especially against ADCs, as his Windwall can block all their damage and he has incredible mobility. Taric also brings strong scaling, making this lane effective throughout the game, though a late-game ADC might pose a challenge.

When To Pick

Yasuo excels against early-game reliant ADCs like Draven, Caitlyn, Varus, and Miss Fortune, while Taric is strong against many melee champions. Avoid picking this lane against mobile champions like Vayne or Kalista, and be wary of Nilah as a bad matchup for Yasuo.

How To Play

Focus on aggression after reaching level 2, using Yasuo’s Q for harass or all-ins. Once Yasuo hits level 3, the enemy ADC can't trade back effectively due to the wind wall. Look for opportunities to engage when you can dash through minions.

1. Seraphine & Janna

Topping our list is Seraphine APC with Janna, boasting a remarkable 61.77% win rate!

Seraphine Janna
The best bot lane for Patch 13.23: Seraphine and Janna|©Riot Games

What Is The Synergy

Seraphine and Janna offer an unexpected yet effective combination. Seraphine, with one of the highest win rates among bot laners, pairs well with Janna, who has become stronger after her mini rework. They provide immense utility and good damage, making them nearly invincible mid-game.

When Does It Spike

Their mid-game is overwhelming. While not the strongest in early lane, they dominate the mid game with more damage and utility than the enemy ADC, along with exceptional team fight control.

When To Pick

There are few real counters to this lane. Vayne might be a challenge, as she can dodge abilities and scales well. But overall, this lane can be picked in most scenarios.

How To Play

Early game, focus on scaling up. Janna should opt for Imperial Mandate as the first item, significantly increasing her power, as it has a win rate of 58% for a first item. Both can consider Mejai's Soulstealer, as they are tough to kill when together, further snowballing their lead.

So, that's our rundown of the best OP duo picks for the current patch. Keep checking our site for updates.


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