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Are you missing some LP? Try these combos with your premade for the botlane!

LoL Best Bot Lane Duos – Patch 13.20

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We've gone through the stats to find the strongest bot duos of Patch 13.20 in the game. The first place is a personal favorite, but also genuinely the best bot lane duo right now.

Xayah 37
Are you missing some LP? Try with your premade these combos for the botlane!

It's a new League of Legends patch and you and your premade have no idea who to play in the bot lane? That's where we come in to help! These must-play bot duos are really strong in the current patch and we're not just saying that because well... the stats speak for themselves.

LoL: Best Bot Lane Duos in Patch 13.20

5. Jhin & Zyra

Let's start with a classic combo, namely Jhin and Zyra, who sport a 56% win rate.

Jhin Zyra
Jhin and Zyra |©Riot Games

What Is The Synergy

Jhin generally works well with poke supports. This is because they can push faster through poke, and Jhin can support the push well with his good laning phase. Jhin can also safely hit his W on the root of Zyra’s E.

When Does It Spike

Jhin is very good in the early game, falls off in the mid game, and then becomes strong again in the ultra-late game. Zyra has a good early game, an extremely good mid-game, and a bad late game.

When To Pick

This lane can be blind picked relatively safe since it gives a lot of pressure in the early game and you don’t really lose hard against any lane. However, you should avoid picking Jhin into many tanks. Zyra is a very safe pick since she is currently extremely strong, so pick her first. If necessary, you can still swap to Ashe if the opponents have many tanks.

How To Play

You want to look for aggressive trades with Zyra since you almost always win the trade with Jhin’s W and his fourth auto-attack. It’s generally not bad to push opponents under the tower to deny them farm and force them to back.

Make sure you know where the enemy jungle is. Nothing can break apart a poke lane like the enemy jungler. You should also communicate with your jungler that he should either look for an invade on the bot side since you can move faster or play for a dive if the enemy jungle is top side.

Once you reach level 6, you can dive opponents under tower by yourself, without ever having to tank it. In this case, Zyra simply has to land her E, which roots people 100% in Zyra’s full ultimate in combination with Jhin’s W. If opponents survive that, Jhin can still try to kill them with his ultimate.

You must come ahead in lane since opponents outscale you in the late game. 

4. Ashe & Soraka

The next OP combination we present is Ashe and Soraka with a win rate of 56,5%.

Ashe Soraka

What Is The Synergy

Both champions can pressure the enemy extremely hard. With Soraka’s abilities Q and E being skill shots, Ashe’s passive slow helps her to hit those easily and guarantee those really important Q hits and heals. At Level 6, you can just CC enemies for ages when you open with Ashe ult and then chain Soraka E.

Oh, and also, you have two global ultimates, so feel free to influence the map.

When Does It Spike

Ashe and Soraka are both lane bullies. This lane is very good in the early game, falls off a bit later, but generally remains strong throughout the game.

When To Pick

This lane is good into poke supports or other enchanters. You want to avoid playing this lane into Blitzcrank, but it’s still playable.

How To Play

You can begin trading directly at Level 1. Ashe is one of the strongest Level 1 ADCs because of her range, Lethal Tempo, W, and her slow. Soraka can just trade with autos and her Q onto the slow.

Your goal in the laning phase is to trade as much as possible and heal it back up because Soraka should always be able to connect her Qs on the Ashe slow. While the enemies are trying to get away from Ashe, use Soraka E so that they either have to step into it or they have to step back into Ashe.

You can also disengage enemy divers very well with Ashe ult, Soraka E, and Soraka heals. So don’t worry about the assassin. As long as Soraka is safe and able to peel, nothing can happen really.

3. Maokai & Senna

Let's now move on to another smashing bot lane example - Maokai and Senna. Their win rate is a whopping 57%, and not without reason.

Maokai Senna
Maokai and Senna|©Riot Games

What Is The Synergy

Fasting Senna has been a thing for a long time. Here, Senna is not played as a classic ADC but as the support who still deals ADC damage. She works very well with people who can stay in the fight for a long time and deal magic damage since she can deal very good consistent damage and also heal Maokai with her Q. The Q cooldown reduces when you land auto-attacks, which is good for long fights.

Since Maokai is currently one of the best champs in the game, just like Senna support, this lane is a given.

When Does It Spike

Your laning phase in the early game is very weak since you are both scaling champs. However, once you have 1-2 items, you become extremely OP and can win nearly every 2v2.

When To Pick

This lane is good into lanes that cannot really punish you. You want to avoid picking this lane into hard push since Maokai will be harassed too much while farming in the early game.

How To Play

In the end, you just want to chill and go for safe farm without being harassed too much. However, Senna Q and Maokai Passive, as well as Doran’s Shield, can absorb some harass easily.

If opponents push the tower and you see a window with Maokai W or Senna W, you can still fight. Maokai should definitely try to knock opponents into the tower with his Q.

After surviving the laning phase, your strong phase in the game begins. Tanks become extremely strong on 1-2 items and so does Senna.

Your strength lies mainly in team fights since you bring a lot of CC, damage, and healing. From mid-game onwards, you should definitely take fights.

2. Miss Fortune & Maokai

The title of really dangerous duo goes to - Miss Fortune and Maokai. Looking at them you might think they're don't really fit together, but they reached an amazing 58% win rate!

Miss Fortune Maokai
Miss Fortune and |©Riot Games

What Is The Synergy

Maokai can easily keep opponents away from Miss Fortune with his disengage while she hits targets in Maokai’s CC with her ultimate. Miss Fortune has a huge damage potential in team fights but needs a frontline to be able to apply it properly.

When Does It Spike

You might not believe it, but you are actually best in the late game. However, since your laning phase is also very decent, you can already get kills there. This lane is good throughout the game.

When To Pick

You can actually pick this lane anytime. Maokai and MF are both strong blind picks that are countered by only a few things. Your biggest enemy is Sivir since she can simply convert MF’s Q into health with her E and Maokai can’t reach her.

How To Play

During the laning phase, you definitely want to harass opponents with Miss Fortune’s Q. It should be noted that you don’t always need the perfect angle through a dying minion. You can also use Q on full-life minions since opponents don’t respect them and you can land safe harass.

Once opponents are low enough, you can slow them down with MF’s E and engage them with Maokai’s W. You should normally win this all-in.

As soon you have your ultimates, Maokai can CC opponents with his ultimate so that Miss Fortune can simply fire her R on the rooted targets.

1. Swain & Taric

Our list is concluded by Swain with Taric, achieving a stunning 62% win rate! This combination is a true definition of "overpowered."

Swain Taric
Swain and |©Riot Games

What Is The Synergy

Swain and Taric are not known for their strong pre-6 lane. However, in combination, these champs balance out their weaknesses.

Swain can connect Taric’s E to 100% with his E and hold opponents in the fight, which is where Taric shines. Once you reach level 6, Swain is already a monster with his ultimate. If things get tight, Taric can heal Swain while he becomes an unkillable raid boss who can regenerate through his ultimate. Opponents must kill Swain three times, which is almost impossible.

When Does It Spike

Swain spikes EXTREMELY hard in the mid-game. Once you have 1 or 2 items, you can even play 2v4 fights sometimes.

Taric is a classic late-game champ and thus balances out Swain’s poor late game. He also amplifies Swain’s mid-game to a really insane level.

When To Pick

You can always pick this lane as long as opponents have two melee champs or more in the draft. Especially champs like Nidalee or Samira can never win against you. If opponents have a melee support, this lane is also a complete self-runner. However, make sure your team has enough AD damage.

This lane is not very good if opponents have a lot of disengage and range like Janna. However, it is still playable.

How To Play

Your goal is to survive the pre-6 laning phase without deaths. Swain should not take extended auto-attack trades with the ADC. Auto Q and then back off. However, if you hit Swain’s E, you are completely in your element. Swain can cast his W during the root and pull opponents into Taric’s stun. Once you are in this situation, your opponent cannot find any answer to it since they cannot retreat without dying.

As soon as you reach level 6, you can overextend easily. When the jungler comes, you can simply kill all three with Swain and Taric ultimates, coupled with extreme healing.

Swain’s W is the champion’s greatest skill expression. You can use it to interrupt opponents during recall, cut off opponents’ path so that you can hit your E, and also enable your team to catch opponents in river fights.

And please do not make the mistake of buying Zhonya's early on Swain. You absolutely need Liandry’s and Rylai’s. I also recommend always buying a Mejai’s if you are not completely behind. You want to play your strength as efficiently as possible in the mid-game.

So, that would be it. Keep checking our site for updates on the best OP duo picks for the current patch.


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