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Who is Rookie going to play with?

LoL: Will Rookie Reunite With Former Teammate in 2023?

Esports 01-12-2022 19:00
Rookie Invictus Gaming 2018
Where will Rookie play come 2023? | © Riot Games

Rookie is one of the best players to ever touch the game, though the results haven't always been there. In 2022 he took a V5 team that had failed to win a single match in the 2021 Summer and almost made it to the 2022 LoL World Championship

It's undeniable that this player is still at the top of his game and that he can make any team a winning one. So, now that he won't be on V5 in the next year, where could he go and will we see him together with a former teammate? Rookie and TheShy maybe? Or someone else... 


LoL: Rookie Leaked to Play Alongside Former Teammate

This information has not been officially confirmed yet, but it's one of the many DoinB Leaks that have been floating around. Some of the information DoinB has leaked this off-season hasn't been right, but there were some of the leaks that have been correct by the mid laner. 

This time around the leaks concern mid laner Rookie who had played on V5 in the last year. According to DoinB, V5 will call up their academy mid laner to replace Rookie, which means the Korean is on his way to another team. Which team hasn't been revealed yet, nor leaked, but DoinB did state that Rookie would be playing alongside a player with the code-name 'Draven'. 

What is Riot planning for the final patch of 2022? 

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'Draven' is the code-name DoinB uses for none other than former Invictus Gaming bot laner JackeyLove. JackeyLove's contract with Top Esports expired on November 22, 2022 which could mean the player is looking for a new team or will re-sign with the team. 

Knight, the former mid laner of TES has already left the team, which could mean that a spot has opened up on TES and that Rookie could fill it and JackeyLove would resign with the team. TES had an incredible year, falling short in only at the final hurdle of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. 

We will have to wait to find out more whether these DoinB Leaks are correct though. Hopefully we find out more on the official LPL off-season soon. 

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