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LoL: The Best Blitzcrank Skins

Champions 31-08-2023 12:30
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These are the best Blitzcrank skins in League of Legends! | © Riot Games

What is better than grabbing some booties of other champions with Blitzcrank? That is right, grabbing booties of other champions with Blitzcrank in style! The Great Steam Golem has been part of the game for a while and has therefore collected some amazing skins. Let us show you the best Blitzcrank skins in League of Legends!

From the first days in League of Legends to the modern age, Blitzcrank has always been either our trusty companion or our biggest nightmare on bot lane, depending on which team they were picked up by. Their design is simple, yet very effective. Everybody knows what their Q – Rocket Grab does – Blitzcrank is absolutely iconic because of it!

However, landing the most unlikely Rocket Grabs is nothing without a proper outfit. We are by your side to let you know about the best Blitzcrank skins in League of Legends!

These Are The Best Blitzcrank Skins In League of Legends

Let's dive into our ranking, shall we?

3. Battle Boss Blitzcrank

Battle Boss Blitzcrank and Arcade Riven
Choose your challenger! | © Riot Games

There is nothing quite as nostalgic as returning to Arcade games every now and then! While their age is usually visible, their gameplay is always a welcome throwback to our more youthful days. Wow, I feel old typing this.

This feeling has its place in League of Legends for quite a while now, and one of the most amazing skins ever has originated from it! While Battle Boss Blitzcrank is one of the first Arcade skins ever released, it is by no means aging badly. Instead, it absolutely gives you the feel of a giant, destructive final boss! And all of that can be yours for only 1350 RP!

Apart from Battle Boss Blitzcrank, many other Arcade skins are absolutely amazing too. We can not wait to see which other champions will take on the might of Blitzcrank later down the road!

2. Witch's Brew Blitzcrank

Witchs Brew Blitzcrank
Spooky! | © Riot Games

One constant of League of Legends is that the yearly Halloween skins always deliver – and when Blitzcrank was made a part of the roster, this was confirmed once more! Witch's Brew Blitzcrank does not only bring a new spin – and add a weird connection to his nemesis on the Rift, Morgana – it also looks absolutely flawless!

While this skin does not include any jumpscares, you can be sure that your victims will still scream in pain and anguish whenever they are pulled away from their team with your Rocket Grab. As another epic skin, you can be your enemy's worst Halloween horror for only 1350 RP! 

Bonus points are awarded for the cat in the splash art. So cute!

Sadly, this skin is only available during the Halloween season, so you will have to wait for a couple of months before you can pick it up. If you want it now, you can test your luck with Hextech rerolls.

1. Space Groove Blitz & Crank

Space Groove Blitz and Crank
EVEN MORE CATS! | © Riot Games

What is better than one cat? That is right, two cats! Space Groove Blitz & Crank completely gives up on the idea of a sentient steam golem and instead changes the core fantasy into an intergalactic robot, piloted by two super cute cat friends! 

While Crank – the black cat – is absolutely set on conquering the entire world, his friend Blitz is taking his sweet time to take in the good vibes and to dance to the groove. Which one do you vibe more with?

This is a legendary skin, equipped with a new model, fantastic animations and great voice lines shared between Blitz and Crank. It is available in the store for 1820 RP! While the Space Groove skin line has not been amazing in recent years, Space Groove Blitz & Crank definitely makes up for all the misses Riot Games have delivered!

These are our favorite skins for Blitzcrank. Which one do you like the most?

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