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These Are The Most Annoying Champions In League of Legends

Champions 20-02-2024 14:59

Everybody who plays the game at least a little bit has this one champion that they absolutely loathe. These are very different for each player individually. 

Porcelain Irelia
Some players hate Irelia but come on. She is too pretty to be hated. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is a game with over 150 different champions. Some of these kits are bound to be annoying, but it's very subjective to each individual who is the biggest offender.

Personally the bane of my existence is Fiora and I firmly believe that whoever designed a true damage max health damage passive that also grants a movespeed bonus should be immediately fired. 

LoL: Who Is The Most Annoying Champion?

With there being so many completely different champions you would think that the opinions are quite different but in a twist of fate the community can actually largely agree on the most infuriating champion designs. 

1. Fizz

Cottontail Fizz
Look at that smug face. | © Riot Games

The number 1 most annoying champion in the game is the Tidal Trickster Fizz. He is known for having to do very little to one-shot you and barely getting out because of his E making him untargetable. The champion is known for having very easy and efficient dives and the weird ultimate hitbox just enhances the negative emotions even more. 

The problem with Fizz is also just how easy it is to pull it all off. The combo consists of 5 different button presses but if you are on the receiving end it just feels like he doesn't stop dealing damage.

2. Yasuo

Yasuo 1
How does every Yasuo player have this skin!? | © Riot Games

It's either the enemy Yasuo doing his best Faker impression and dashing through every minion that ever existed while being basically untouchable or your own Yasuo going 0/10 in your last promo game. While Yasuo's kit is already annoying enough, between dodging all the tornados and your abilities getting wind-walled, it's usually the players that make this champion such an annoyance.

3. Tryndamere

Tryndamere 7
An actual horror. | © Riot Games

Tryndamere is not only a King in the Freljord he is also the most annoying top laner in the game. It's impossible to pinpoint the exact reason why Tryndamere is so annoying because he just has so much of everything. The champion literally gets a free 40% crit chance just from auto attacking minions a few times. He then spins on you to be lucky three times in a row and boom. You just lost lane. GGWP! But what if you are actually winning? Fear not because he has infinite sustain and a dash that gets its cooldown reduced whenever he crits something. And that's only two of his spells so far. 

He also has an insane area of effect slow that reduces your attack damage and worst of all, an ultimate which makes him immortal for 5 seconds. He can not die. Either he is under his tower safely sustaining back to full hp, dashing onto you and critting 3 times in a row or just full on diving you under your tower. And what if you win lane against that? He will just side lane for 40 minutes and pressure every single inhibitor so you cannot even teamfight.

4. Illaoi

Illaoi 18
She is so much fun to play though... | © Riot Games

Illaoi is one of the most annoying champions in the top lane. Whenever she hits her E ability and pulls out your soul you are basically losing a few minions because you have to run away. The champion is super immobile so it should be easy to gank but oh no, no.

Illaoi is known for her ability to turn a 2vs1 skirmish around thanks to her incredibly strong ultimate. While you are just getting slapped around by tentacles that spawned out of nothing she is having a field day and even gets healed.

5. Zac

Pool Party Zac
Nobody likes Zac. | © Riot Games

Is Zac a Tank or an Assassin? Nobody knows because as soon as he jumps on you, you won't live to tell the tale. Either it is his incredibly jump range or the fact that you basically cannot move once he is close to you this champion is absolutely rage inducing. Somehow you are getting oneshot just to press tab and see that he has a Bami's Cinder. Where is all that damage coming from!? 

On the off chance that you actually manage to kill him you better pray that you still have some abilities left because unless you kill the four little blobs that spawn he is getting right back up with a new chance to ruin your day. 

What is the most annoying champion to face for you? 

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