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LoL Season 14: These Are The Most Broken Items In The Game

News 19-02-2024 10:51

The new season 14 has brought us a plethora of new and reworked items to play with. Some stronger than others. Let's see what the most broken items for season 14 are!

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Season 14 brought some cool new effects!

Season 14 has been out for a few months now and the item rework as been amazing! Mythics have been removed, and multiple items have been reworked and added. Some of these are a little bit stronger than the rest. A few of these items have effects that we have never seen before and that are really fun and interesting.

A few of these items have already been nerfed, but they dominated the season and are still some of the best items in the game.

LoL Season 14: These Are The Most Broken Item


Worldbreaker Malzahar
Malzahar has risen in ranks ever since this item came out. | © Riot Games

Malignance is a new AP item that gives you a stat that we have never seen before. Ultimate haste affects only the cooldown of your ultimate ability because that is what the item is all about. It's a great item because whenever you damage an enemy with your ultimate you summon a little branding pool below them which deals magic damage and reduces their magic resist as long as they are on the ground.

Champions that use this very well are Malzahar and Anivia.


Stormsurge is a new AP item that gives you a huge burst. It doesn't give any mana so it is not necessarily a good rush item for mages, but assassins like Fizz, Katarina and Akali can build it very well because of its passive. This passive applies the status effect Squall if you deal 35% of the enemies hp as damage within 2.5 seconds. After 2 more seconds squall procs and summons a lightning that does huge magic damage. 

Stormsurge has already been nerfed, but it was extremely potent in the early season and is still strong.

Kaenic Rookern

Heartsteel Ksante
K'Sante is really happy with these item changes. | © Riot Games

Kaenic Rookern is a tank item that basically gives you a free Galio W passive. This tank item gives you huge amounts of health, health regen and magic resistance, but it also gives you a huge magic shield if you havent taken damage in 15 seconds. This item is a must-buy if you are playing a tank into any kind of ap champion and makes it so you literally can't be pushed out of lane. Very strong item!

Any tank can buy this item, but it is also very efficient as a last item against heavy ap teams.


Bloodsong is a support item that is great in multiple ways. First it enhances your auto attacks after using an ability. If you then hit a champion you apply the “Expose Weakness” passive which increases the damage they take by a lot.

This item is great on champions like Bard, Senna or Pyke and can really get a bot lane rolling.


Twitch 0
Twitch also likes Terminus a lot. | © Riot Games

It is a new ADC item that provides anything an ADC could ever want. Attack Damage, Attack Speed and even on-hit damage.

While it already does a lot of on hit magic damage it's the passive that makes it so interesting. Every autoattack alternates between dark and light. Light attacks grant stacking armor and magic resist while dark attacks grant stacking armor and magic penetration. 

This makes the item very good for champions that auto attack a lot like Ashe, Lucian, and Kai'Sa. 

What are your favourite items in Season 14? 

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