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LoL: Yuumi Players Lose LP Due To New Rules

Champions 05-09-2023 19:20
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LoL: Yuumi players won't be smiling like this when they lose LP constantly. | © Riot Games

Recently, Riot added some new features to try and combat AFK players. Unfortunately, it seems that these changes now also have left a lasting impression on a specific group of League players that aren't actually AFK and causing them to lose LP in ranked games.

Yuumi players need to watch out in the early stages of the game, because their behavior can cost them some serious LP in the future, unless Riot manages a fix for the current issue. 

LoL: The Game Thinks Yuumi Players Are AFK

With the new system in place when someone is AFK, an anonymous message pops up to the four other players to vote whether they want to remake, due to an AFK player. 

Well, now it seems that if a Yuumi attaches to their ally and just lets herself be carried around like the queen of cats that she is, without doing anything the anonymous AFK vote will pop up and players can remake. 

League of Legends content creator Vandiril tested this out and realized that it did work and he even showed content from another League player where the same thing happened, even after the Yuumi jumped off their duo, dealt some damage and then back onto the ally. 

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The game was still remade and the Yuumi lost LP, even though they were not AFK at all. 

So, what does this teach everyone? If you're playing Yuumi, make sure to help with the leash, or just do more than press W to attach to an ally. You could be in big trouble otherwise. 

There are enough trolls out there, and enough people that hate Yuumi, who will press on the remake button, even though they see you are playing the game and participating. 

Whether Riot will fix this issue has not been revealed yet. Hopefully Riot does fix it, because as just mentioned, the game is filled with trolls. 

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