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League of Legends Emotes

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Lo L Emotes
League of Legends Emotes - Everything you need to know | © Riot Games

The League of Legends emotes were introduced to our game around five years ago. Since then, we have had several new emotes coming into League of Legends. Some Emotes are only available for an event, and others stay permanently. Here is everything you need to know about the League of Legends emotes. 

We all have this one go-to emote that we love to use in-game. Some emotes are perfect for specific situations, and for some, it is hard only to choose five emotes for one game. Whether BM is your primary objective or you want an easier way to communicate with your teammates, we are here to explain everything you need to know about the League of Legends emotes.

What Are League Of Legends Emotes?

Emotes are small expressive pictures you can use in-game for both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. The emotes are often depictions of various LoL Champions and Little Legends with different expressions. Emotes can either be bought in the store or gained for free during certain events.  

How to Pick the League of Legends Emotes

Even if you have gathered a lot of emotes through the years of grinding League of Legends, you can only pick five active emotes for a game. You can also have four emotes automatically appearing for different situations - the start of a match, first blood, ace, and victory.

To pick the emotes of your choice for your game, you must first go to your collection in your League of Legends client. Once you are in your collection, you can drag your selected emotes to either the emote wheel or the different circles, each for a different situation in League. Once you have chosen the ones you want, remember to click save before getting ready to pay for your next game with your new emotes.

Emotes Wheel
League of Legends Emotes: Only emote that actually matters. | © Riot Games

How to Use your League of Legends Emotes

Once you have selected the emotes of your liking, you are ready to hit the Rift to try out your new in-game collection of emotes. By default, the emote wheel is bound to your T-key. So, with the default settings, you can access the emote wheel in-game by holding T and dragging the mouse to the emote you want to use. Once your mouse hovers over the emote you want to use in the situation, let go of the T-key, and your emote should appear above your champion. 

If you are looking for a quicker option to access your emotes, or you want to have some of the emotes easily accessible, you can change the key binding for each of the emotes in the in-game settings. You can also change the key-binding for the emote wheel if the key bind on T is not to your liking. 

Where Can I Get the League of Legends Emotes?

Some emotes can be bought in the League of Legends store in your client, and each emote costs 350 RP.  In order to go to the emote shop, press on the icon with the three stacks of coins in the top right corner to get to the League of Legends shop. Afterward, click on the "Accessories" option and then on "Emotes". Once you are in the emote section, you are free to select whichever emote you like. 

Emotes can also be found in various chests and capsules. If you have any chests or capsules available, they should be located in your League of Legends loot. In order to open a chest, you have to have one key available for each chest. 

Some emotes are only available during certain events, and you have to complete certain missions to get your hands on them. An example of such an event is Star Guardian. 

Which Emotes Are Available in League of Legends? 

There are a bunch of different emotes in League of Legends, and knowing where to find them can sometimes be tricky. Here is a list of various types of emotes you can find in League of Legends.

  • Available Emotes: Some emotes are constantly available in your League of Legends shop and can be purchased for 350 RP.
  • Leveling Emotes: These emotes are accessible to players reaching a certain level and do not cost anything. You can receive a total of 21 leveling emotes beginning at level seven and the final emote at level five hundred.
  • Ranked Emotes: These emotes are rewards you achieve during the end of a ranked season. These can be unlocked once you have reached 500 split points and will change according to your final rank at the end of the season.
  • Teamfight Tactics Emotes: Similar to the ranked emotes, you can achieve a TFT emote representing your rank at the end of the split. 
  • Event Emotes: Event emotes are emotes that are only available at a certain point in time. These can either be achieved through doing different missions in an event pass or can be purchased for a limited time.
  • Esports Emotes: Esport emotes are also part of the event emotes and are available during big League of Legends events, like MSI or Worlds. During those events you can purchase emotes representing your team. You can only buy emotes representing a team who is taking part of the event. 
  • Twitch Prime Emotes: Twitch Prime emotes can be found in the twitch prime capsules that are available for people with twitch prime.

And with that, you are ready to go out on the Rift and spam your favorite emote. Which emote is your favorite? I think from the picture of the emote wheel, you can guess which one I like the most. 

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