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New LoL Champion: Naafiri Assets Leaked In PBE 13.13 Patch

Champions 14-06-2023 17:20
Xolaani Legends of Runeterra
Yes, I know this is Xolaani! | © Riot Games

Riot has been adding more and more Darkin throughout the world of Runeterra, especially with their card game expansion. In it, they revealed Xolaani, Naganeka and Taarosh, but finally in League of Legends we are also going to be getting our fourth Darkin champion with Naafiri. 

Now, in the recent League of Legends PBE update for Patch 13.13 we've gotten some insights into this new champion, thanks to the voice line update for Varus, as well as some TFT assets. 

LoL Patch 13.13 Has Revealed New Naafiri Information

Darkin Dagger Champion Header
This was the first clue we got for Naafiri. | © Riot Games

Naafiri is going to be a dog, or a wolf, or some form of creature that travels in a pack. That much has been confirmed thanks to the voice lines of Varus, who points out that Naafiri's vessel is inferior to his own, which is made up of two men formed into one. 

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He also points out how there are more targets on her back due to being part of a pack, rather than one creature. This does align with all the information we've previously gotten from Riot, but unfortunately, we still don't know what Naafiri is actually going to look like, though she will not be humanoid. That much has been promised to fans already. 

Naafiri Will Be Added To TFT

Not only did we get some new voice lines for Naafiri, but it was also made clear that the champion is going to be a part of TFT at some point. Data miners have found quite a few files for Naafiri within the game, meaning she will be added at some point, likely once she is released in League of Legends as well. 

Through the TFT assets we have found some interesting new visual effects for her, like slashing motions, something which makes sense since she is known as the "Darkin Dagger" before her name had been revealed. 

So, while we're hyped for Naafiri her form is still shrouded in mystery but she is going to be a unique and fun mid lane assassin. Let's hope she's as easy to play as Riot has promised us. 

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