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One Champion In The Bot Lane Has Players Extremely Frustrated

Champions 05-07-2023 16:15
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LoL: One champion is just too good in the bot lane right now. | © Riot Games

It's a bot lane meta right now, no one is able to deny that. While champions like Kai'Sa and Ashe are becoming more and more sought after, with Zeri finally being killed, there is one champion that's continuously meta. 

Throughout different phases of League of Legends, there are some bot laners that see more prio over others. One champion has been pretty highly contested, especially in solo queue, throughout the last few weeks though. Will Riot be finally making changes to this unconventional OP pick? 


LoL Players Worried Over One Particular Bot Lane Champion

The bot lane has shifted its meta once more. While we saw a lot of Aphelios and Jinx not too long ago, as well as Zeri thrown into the mix, thanks to some targeted nerfs, these champions have fallen off and made way for new strong ADC champions like Kai'Sa and Ashe. One champion has been strong throughout all these shifts though and that is none other than Karthus. 

Players have taken to Reddit to discuss their frustrations with Karthus and just how strong he is in the current meta. The thing is, his Q, along with his passive, let him gain advantages even after dying. Sounds familiar, right? That's also why Sion has been such a key pick in Season 13 as well. 

Karthus has been a strong pick with a win rate of around 53% throughout the last few months. Even Tyler1 saw this and used the champion during his EUW climb to Challenger, which he finally succeeded, thanks to the champion. 

Karthus, thanks to his passive, can continue to deal damage, as well as farm even after a death, which means that even if he loses a skirmish in the bot lane, he won't lose too much in the early game, since he can continue to farm and spam Q after his death. 

This means he can scale into the late game where he will be able to poke enemies out and gain some more advantages. Players do believe that Karthus bot is an issue, but due to the low play rate this OP pick has, Riot isn't going to do anything about him. So we're likely going to have some more Karthus bot gameplay in the bot lane in coming weeks. 

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