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Riot Reveal Soul Fighter Skin For Social Impact Fund

Champions 27-06-2023 14:55
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Soul Fighter skins are out soon, but which skin is going to be for a good cause? | © Riot Games

Each year Riot has one skin which is the 'do good' skin when it comes to their big summer events. In 2022 it was Taliyah's Star Guardian skin and in 2021 it was the Olaf skin. Now Riot have revealed who it will be in 2023. 

In 2019 Riot created their Social Impact Fund, in which they funnel money into throughout a year through special promotions, before then donating all of it to good causes all around the world. 


Soul Fighter: LoL Skin For Social Impact Fund Revealed

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Samira's skin is going to be so nice though. | © Riot Games

This year, Riot is going to be donating the proceeds of none other than the brand-new Soul Fighter Samira skin to the Social Impact Fund. Unlike in previous years though, it won't be the entire proceeds of the skin throughout the event. 

This time around 20% of the earnings from the Soul Fighter Samira skin (which is going to be an ultimate skin) will be added into the pot. Also, 20% of the event battle pass and specific bundles will also be added into the pot. 

  • Soul Fighter Samira (skin only)
  • Unmatched Bounty Hunter Bundle
  • Soul Fighter Event Pass
  • Soul Fighter Event Pass Bundle

Last year, the Taliyah skin managed to rake in around $6 million, so we're excited to see how much the first ultimate skin in 3-years will be able to raise. 

Players got to vote for the charities in their regions that they wanted Riot to donate to in previous years, which could happen again this year, so all the money raised through various Riot IPs will be going to a good cause as determined by the players. 

Would you have rather had all proceeds from one epic skin go to charity or the way Riot is doing it now though? 

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