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Soul Fighter: New Game Mode Has One Huge Downside

More 26-06-2023 15:50
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Soul Fighter is going to be the name of the new skin line and part of the new game mode! | © Riot Games

Are you ready for a new game mode in League of Legends? Soul Fighter is just around the corner and with the new skin line we're also getting a brand-new, never before seen, game mode for all League of Legends players. 

While there are some things we already know about this new Arena game mode, there are some things that have fans pretty upset, wishing that Riot would make some adjustments for the next time they run the event. 

LoL Soul Fighter: One Issue With New Game Mode

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League of Legends is a team game and makes players want to play with their friends. We all know how toxic random players can be on your team, so it's best to find four friends and play League. 

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In a similar fashion, players wish that they can queue up with multiple friends when it comes to the brand-new game mode for the Soul Fighter event which will be the big part of the League of Legends summer event. 

Unfortunately, Riot Meddler has revealed on Reddit that for the beginning, only two people can queue up together in this game mode. This means you and your two best friends cannot be playing this game mode, instead you'll have to choose. 

On initial launch at least it'll just be teams of 2. We'd like to add queuing as 8, but won't have it initially though

Honestly though, I'm impressed that so many players seem to have more than one friend that still plays League of Legends. 

Since Soul Fighter is going to be a 2 versus 2 game mode, queuing up as a duo is advised. You'll be able to ban champions, as well as have mirror match ups, so it'll be exciting to see how this game mode works and what Riot has in store for us. 

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