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But only in 2023

Silco Is Coming To LoL

Champions 01-04-2022 15:30
Silco TFT
Why do we need to wait so long? | © Riot Games

Are you sick and tired of hearing about this upcoming Void jungler Rem'Ora? You want to have more Arcane in your life? Well then, sit tight, because Silco is coming to a League of Legends game near you! 

Yes, Silco, the 'bad guy' of Arcane and one of the most beloved characters got his own model in TFT, but now it seems like he's also stepping onto Summoner's Rift. What are his abilities and what will he look like though? Oh, and what skins is he getting? Leakers have found some interesting information. 


Silco in League of Legends 

What Abilities Will Silco Have? 

Chinese leakers have found some pretty interesting things in regard to Silco. We know that in 2022 we will still be getting a Void jungler, as well as a new ADC, but none of that information has been about Silco, that's because he's still a ways away. 

Even though it will still be awhile until Silco hits the rift, some information on his potential abilities has been revealed already. 

Silco is going to have an interesting ability which will let him turn invisible. It will let him teleport to a target position. This sounds a lot like someone else's abilties, but we know that Riot likes to re-use abilities and change them up, right? Thee-hit passives anyone? 

From what the leaks show, Silco will also be able to make a clone of himself. To be honest I've watched Arcane three times already and yet I still missed this part in the lore, but sure, if that's what Riot thinks is appropriate for the character, then let's hope this works out. 

He is also going to have an ability which summons Jinx in a box... wait a minute...

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How to Get the Silco Skin in League of Legends

April Fools!

This whole article might have just been a big joke, but on a more serious note, there is an actual way to get Silco into your League of Legends games right now in this very moment and it's all thanks to modder Scrafty who created a custom skin for Shaco — I knew those abilities seemed too familiar! 

Just follow these steps and you'll be able to have Silco march over Summoner's Rift for you. 

  1. Get the LoL customs skins manager
  2. Download the Silco Shaco mod by Scrafty
  3. Save it
  4. Click run with League client open

Enjoy this custom Shaco skin! Hopefully someone can make a Renata Silco skin, becasue her kit would work perfectly with Silco, right?