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Arcane Sweeps the Annie Awards

News 14-03-2022 16:30
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How many awards did Arcane receive? | © Riot Games

Over the weekend, the Annie Awards took place, honoring the best in animation in the last year. Of course, our favorite animated series, Arcane was also nominated for its writing, animation and voice acting.

How many Annie Awards was Arcane nominated for, and how many did the show end up winning? Will this have any impact on the future of animation?

Which Awards did Arcane Win?

Arcane was nominated for a whopping nine Annie Awards. How many of those nine awards was the show able to take home though? Let’s check out all the Annie Awards Arcane managed to win:

  • Best TV/Media - General Audience - Winner: Arcane
  • Best FX - TV/Media
 - Winner: Arcane
  • Best Character Animation - TV/Media - Winner: Arcane
  • Best Character Design - TV/Media - Winner: Arcane
  • Best Direction - TV/Media - Winner: Arcane
  • Best Production Design - TV/Media - Winner: Arcane
  • Best Storyboarding - TV/Media - Winner: Arcane
  • Best Voice Acting - TV/Media - Winner: Arcane
  • Best Writing - TV/Media - Winner: Arcane

This is a clean sweep! All nine awards Arcane was nominated for managed to go into their hands. Fortiche and Riot Games have created something incredible that they can be proud of, that’s for sure.

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Will Arcane Have an Effect on the Animation Industry?

With projects like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse and Arcane branching out into new animation styles and doing extremely well, we could see a shift in animation coming quite soon. Throughout the discourse of animation, we have learned tha the industry is extremely risk-adverse.

Arcane was an extremely costly endeavour that could have failed multiple times, but Riot and Fortiche stuck with it and created a masterpiece. This could encourage other studios in the future to give animators the time and creative freedom they deserve when creating a show or a movie.

Why Was Arcane so Successful?

Not only was Arcane popular with League of Legends fans, but many viewers had never even touched a single game related to League of Legends, going into the show completely blind. That’s what made Arcane stand out.

Even without prior knowledge of the world, characters and conflicts were viewers able to understand the story and get into the plot. Those 9 episodes were masterfully written and put together that anyone, could enjoy the world of Runeterra.

Sure, little Easter eggs were thrown in throughout the show for any fans of League of Legends, but those had no implication on the plot. We can’t wait for season 2 and hopefully we find out more about Vander and Warwick, as well as what Shimmer really is.

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