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Upcoming Arcane Skins Preview

News 23-10-2021 08:50
Arcane Vi
Arcane VI is hitting the rift soon!| © Riot Games

Riot recently gave us a preview of two exciting new skins coming to League of Legends with a tie in to the upcoming animated Netflix series, Arcane. It's possible that more skins are on the way, but currently only Jayce and VI have been confirmed to be receiving them. These skins will compliment the upcoming VFX changes that are planned for Jayce and Jinx. Riot seem to be all in on the regions of Piltover and Zaun as a whole as League of Legends moves towards Preseason and moreover Season 12.

What are Arcane Skins?

Arcane Skins are essentially alternate styles for champions that are going to be featured in Arcane, the League of Legends show on Netflix premiering soon. Riot is giving some old champions a opt-in redesign to fit more with their lore.

These skins are almost reminiscent of the Resistance skin line in that they're not flashy or particularly exciting. The skins we've seen feature a more casual appearance for Jayce and VI, one that fits into their lore backgrounds a little better. It's worthy to note that VI looks like a younger version of herself, which we're sure to see more of in the upcoming netflix series. Additionally, Jinx has been teased to be receiving a new look to match her animated self in the show but not officially confirmed yet. 

How Can Players Get Arcane skins?

The official league of legends twitter account revealed some pretty critical information about these two skins. Apparently, these skins will be available for players to earn rather than purchase. This appears to be similar to the Unbound Thresh Skin, in which players were able to redeem 300 tokens for unlock the skin for free. Tokens can be earned via missions and players will not have to purchase an event pass to be able to get these skins.

When Will Arcane Skins Release?

We're still waiting on an official release date for the aforementioned skins as of now. However, these skins are available for players to try out on the PBE. Feedback can be provided to Riot through the official PBE subreddit. All that being said, it's extremely likely that these skins will release along with the premiere of Arcane on Netflix. The first three episodes of the show will premiere on November 6th - with more to follow later.

That's it for all of the information that we have on the upcoming Arcane skins as of now, make sure to check back in later for new updates.

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